Mini MERTIL: An Introduction to Early Relational Trauma is an introductory course to the full MERTIL (My Early Relational Trauma Informed Learning) program.

Mini MERTIL is an engaging 2-hour self-paced online course which offers an introduction to the identification of early childhood developmental delay and to the recognition of early relational trauma in the parent–child relationship. This form of trauma can stem from parent mental illness, grief, family violence, substance abuse, and related experiences.

The MERTIL project is based at The Bouverie Centre, La Trobe University and operates in partnership with Deakin University.


Self-paced online, available 24/7

Access period

3 months


2 CPD hours


$99 (GST included)


Prof. Jenn McIntosh
Prof. Louise Newman

Course Modules

    The Mini MERTIL course has 3 themes over 8 chapters.

  • Theme 1: Development in a relational context
  • Infant trauma: a relational, developmental and humanising framework; Attachment development and the transmission of caregiving trauma

  • Theme 2: Signs and symptoms of early relational trauma
  • Recognising relational trauma in caregivers, infants, toddlers and pre-schoolers

  • Theme 3: Effective trauma-informed conversations and interventions
  • Creating supportive trauma-informed conversations for a shared recognition of risk; Responding to trauma – brief and enhanced interventions

What will you Learn?

You will develop an enhanced capacity to:

  • Recognise childhood developmental delay
  • Respond to trauma within parent–infant relationships

Relevant Audience

The Mini MERTIL course is an ideal introduction to the topics of early relational trauma and attachment theory, and is suitable for a broad array of frontline health services, including nurses, midwives, psychologists, GPs, family support workers, social workers, child protection workers, infant mental health workers, and healthcare workers.

The Mini MERTIL course is ideal for those frontline practitioners who:

  • Are new to working with families and young children, or don’t see them regularly
  • Feel they may be seeing relational trauma in the parent-child dyads they see
  • Feel there’s more going on in a parent-child relationship but are unsure what that may be

Additional Information

Registration includes 3 months’ access to the MERTIL Resource Library, which contains a rich collection of podcasts from trauma experts, articles, factsheets, pre-recorded case consultations and webinars, web links and more.