Our people

Professor Jeffrey Young

Professor Jeffrey Young

Professor Jeff Young (PhD) is the Director of The Bouverie Centre, a clinical psychologist and family therapist.

Professor Jennifer McIntosh

Professor Jennifer McIntosh

Professor Jennifer McIntosh is the inaugural Professor of Systemic Practice and Family Therapy at the Bouverie Centre,

Dr. Brendan O'Hanlon

Dr. Brendan O'Hanlon

Dr. Brendan O'Hanlon is the Mental Health Program Manager, responsible for guiding the work of the Centre’s mental health program in building the capacity of the services in these sectors to work constructively with families.

Julie Beauchamp

Julie Beauchamp

Julie Beauchamp has a wide range of experience in teaching and training, supervision and clinical practice with individuals, couples and families.

Robyn Elliot

Robyn Elliot

Robyn Elliott is the Manager of the Academic Program, where she supervises the development and delivery of our family therapy postgraduate courses.

Penny Wong

Penny Wong

Penny Wong manages the development and delivery of state-wide, national and international business development activities as the Centre's Business Manager.

Amaryll Perlesz is an Adjunct Professor at the centre and contributes to the centre's research activities. She retired from The Bouverie Centre after successfully managing the Research Program, supervising post-graduate research students, and participating in teaching, supervision, research and consultation functions in academic, clinical and organisational settings.  Her areas of research interest have included: evaluation of family therapy training; family adjustment to acquired brain injury; the therapeutic relationship; family group work in mental health; and the ‘Work, Love, Play’ study which is a longitudinal study of gay & lesbian parenting in Australia and New Zealand.

Angie is a social worker and trainer at the Bouverie Centre and currently coordinates the Supporting Practice Leaders (SPLice) ice project which is a state wide project focussing on the enhancement of supervision practices in the alcohol and drug and mental health sectors through training and implementation support.

Angie has over 20 year’s experience leading teams and delivering outreach and centre-based counselling, casework and case management in the alcohol and drug, mental health, community health, Aboriginal health, youth and justice sectors. She enjoys working with organisations to strengthen and sustain strong supervision practice and is committed to enabling accessible and collaborative services that can improve the wellbeing of communities.

To contact, please email Angie Nyland.

Dr Anna Booth is a Research Fellow with a background in life-course epidemiology and developmental psychology, and a special interest in clinical and translational research with vulnerable families and the workforces that support them. Anna’s research has focused on infant mental health, attachment, parenting during adversity, family stress, family violence and maternal and child health.

Anna has worked in population-level cohort engagement and research management; program innovation and evaluation; trauma-informed workforce development; and in education and training. Anna is involved in clinical research partnerships with community service organisations that provide services for families experiencing conflict and violence, trauma and abuse, and social disadvantage.

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Profile image of Banu Moloney.Banu Moloney is a lecturer at The Bouverie Centre, La Trobe University. She is a qualified Social Worker, Psychologist and Family Therapist. She has over 35 years’ experience as a family therapist with a special interest in working with children and adolescents in the context of their families. She also specialises in supervision and has published and presented at Counselling and Family Therapy Conferences in Australia and overseas in this area.

Banu has years of experience in designing and conducting training programs in family therapy, counselling and consultation, in Australia and overseas, which include mainstream counselling organisations, Indigenous Australians as well as a diverse range of organisations including the Victorian Arts Centre, Victorian Housing Department Tourism Victoria and the Centre for Grief at Monash Medical Centre.

She’s been a member of the Indigenous Team for the last 10 years delivering Family Therapy Training and supervision.

View Banu's research profile.

Profile image of Ellen Welsh.Ellen is a project manager with experience across a range of sectors including information technology, software development, developmental psychology and attachment theory and trauma. Ellen has a particular interest in research translation in the health and community service industries and is experienced in applying a range of communication approaches, including self-paced, online, workshop and face to face mechanisms for engagement across healthcare, academia, community and education sectors.

She is currently completing her Masters in Biomedical Engineering but has found her new passion in social justice since starting at Bouverie.

To contact, please email Ellen Welsh.

Franca Butera-Prinzi, Team Leader (Community Services), is a social worker and family therapist at The Bouverie Centre. She has 25 years’ experience as a clinician, trainer and consultant in a variety of settings including acute, rehabilitation and community health. She has extensive experience working with individuals, couples and families who have been impacted by trauma, mental health and disability including acquired brain injury.

Franca received the Anita Morawetz Scholarship, University of Melbourne in 1998 and the Anita Morawatz Research Prize, Victorian Association of Family Therapists for a Masters Thesis – substantial and scholarly contribution to the field of Family Therapy in 2000.

View Franca's research profile.

Profile image of Greg UrenGreg U'Ren is a family therapist who has worked at The Bouverie Centre since 1998. His main work roles include workforce development, teaching in the Academic Program and clinical work with families at Bouverie. Greg was a member of the FaPMI (Families where a Parent has a Mental Illness) research team.

Greg has a collaborative and reflective approach to working with families which includes making sense of difficulties and empowering families to change patterns of concern in complex circumstances. His interests include the impact of mental health issues, the experiences of fathers and children, the impact of family violence, the link between family of origin and current concerns, and teaching and supervision.

Greg completed the Postgraduate Diploma in Family Therapy at Bouverie in 1999, and has a background in parent and adolescent mediation and social research.

To contact, please email Greg U'Ren.

Profile image of Hanna JewelHanna Jewell is a social worker and family therapist. She currently works as a member of the Mental Health Team as a family practice consultant providing workforce training, practice support, clinical supervision and implementation to improve the way mental health services respond to families affected by mental illness. Her work includes ongoing clinical work with families, including research with families where a parent has a mental illness.

She has an interest in working with families where a parent experiences a mental illness and is involved in developing the Let’s Talk program to mental health services. Further to this is her interest in evidence-based family work such as Behavioural Family Therapy and family psycho-education. She comes with over 20 years’ experience of working in public mental health services.

View Hanna's research profile.

Profile image of Karen StoryKaren Story  B.A., Dip. Soc. Stud.(Social Work), MCPP, MCFT is qualified social worker, teacher, child and adolescent psychotherapist and family therapist. Karen joined Bouverie staff (ABI team) in 2011 after extensive clinical, group therapy and consulting experience in child and adolescent mental health, foster care, teaching and community and public welfare. She has extensive experience in training, consultation and service development both locally and interstate.

In her current role at The Bouverie Centre, as a member of the Community Services team, she is involved with teaching and facilitating training and workforce development in the areas of family inclusive practice and single session work, among others. She sees families in the clinical family therapy program. Areas of particular interest include Single Session philosophy and practice in short and long term work, working with children and adolescents in the context of their families, use of narrative tools such as the Tree of Life, emotion coaching and emotion intelligence, group work and research.

To contact, please email Karen Story.

Profile image of Kate CordukesKate Cordukes is a family therapist and art therapist. She holds a postgraduate degree in Arts Education, and a Master’s in both Arts Therapy and Clinical Family Therapy. Kate has worked as a therapist for the past 20 years with diverse populations and settings such as Juvenile Justice, drug and alcohol and mental health. She has also presented and lectured at RMIT University, MIECAT Institute and at various conferences and workshops. Prior to joining Bouverie, she was Team Leader (Family Therapy) at Berry Street, both working with families and supervising staff.

Her areas of passion are working with children and adolescents in families where there is conflict. She brings into her work a sense of creativity and is particularly interested in brain development, its relationship to emotional regulation and how to work with this so family members are able to communicate in more responsive ways to one another.

At Bouverie she works both on the clinical team and on the Academic team.

To contact, please email Kate Cordukes.

Profile image of Kelly TsorlinisKelly Tsorlinis is a trained Social Worker and Clinical Family Therapist and in 2006 completed the Master of Clinical Family Therapy at The Bouverie Centre, La Trobe University. She has worked in the community sector in the areas of community health, family-based services, sexual assault, child protection and child and adolescent psychiatry.

She currently works at The Bouverie Centre as the Intake Program Coordinator. Kelly has a clinical interest in working with children/adolescents and their families, Single Session Work, working with family members with ASD within a systemic framework, trauma - EMDR and Havening Techniques and how these can be integrated within systemic approaches.

To contact, please email Kelly Tsorlinis.

Profile image of Lynda MooreLynda Moore is a social worker and family therapist who loves working with families across all stages of the life cycle, from the very young to the oldest family members. She has an interest in what helps families develop a shared vision and create the change they want, particularly in the areas of mental illness, neurological and degenerative conditions and family violence (including elder abuse). Lynda has been active in recent years supporting families where a member has dementia.

Lynda has written a picture book, My book about brains, change and dementia (Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2018), for pre-school aged children impacted by dementia. Lynda is a workforce development trainer on Bouverie’s Community Services team.

To contact, please email Lynda Moore.

Profile image of Mark Furlong.Mark Furlong PhD. is Thinker-in-residence at the Bouverie Centre and an independent scholar. In addition to around 60 academic contributions, Mark has published Re-sizing psychology in public policy and the private imagination (Palgrave, 2016), and Building the client’s relational base: A multi-disciplinary handbook (Policy Press, 2014). His key research focus is what builds, and what undermines, ethical and secure relationships.

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Profile image of Nella CharlesNella Charles is a family therapist and clinical psychologist at The Bouverie Centre where she has been employed as a clinician and teacher in family therapy for over 20 years. She has a breadth of experience working with families, with particular experience working in disability, acquired brain injury and child welfare fields. She has a particular interest in the treatment of trauma and use of creative methods in family, group work and supervision.

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Profile image of Nick BarringtonNicholas Barrington is a psychiatric nurse and family therapist. Nick has been employed within the Mental Health Program at The Bouverie Centre since 2019, prior to which he worked for 15 years in the mental health sector across a range of settings.

In his current role, Nick provides training to mental health and community services, as well as supporting implementation and practice change activities.

Having worked in public mental health services in a wide variety of roles, Nick has come to appreciate the complex and interconnected nature of human experience. This has driven his passion for family therapy and systemic practice. Combining this with his experience in child and adolescent wellbeing, Nick is particularly interested in how these ideas can improve the lives of young people and their families.

Nick completed his Graduate Certificate in Mental Health Nursing at The University of Sydney in 2008, and his Master of Family Therapy at La Trobe University in 2016.

To contact, please email Nicholas Barrington.

Profile image of Peter McKenziePeter McKenzie (PhD, MA ClinFamTher) is an anthropologist, family therapist and academic. He currently holds the Carer Academic (Mental Health) position at The Bouverie Centre. He has significant personal caring and professional experience in the mental health sector, including MHCSS and clinical. His other roles at the centre include coordination of Bouverie’s higher degree research program, a principle research supervisor, family practice consultant in the mental health program and clinical family therapist.

Peter has a particular interest in ethnographic and action research methods, relational and family recovery as well as narrative therapy, with a clinical focus on Borderline Personally Disorder, trauma and complex needs families.

View Peter's research profile.

Profile image of Rany SchnellRany Schnell, Team Leader (Administration and Facilities), manages the administrative systems and functions in delivering quality support across internal and external clients. She contributes to and coordinates policy development across the centre. She is also responsible for occupational health and safety as well as building maintenance, and manages the centre's website and communication platforms. With a broad range of administration and event management experiences, Rany has been working in the tertiary education sector since 2007.

To contact, please email Rany Schnell.

Ron Findlay is a medical doctor and family therapist with a strong interest in the narrative approach. He has over 30 years’ experience in practicing, consulting, teaching and supervising family and narrative therapy. Ron coordinated The Bouverie Centre’s Narrative Therapy programs for 10 years including 7 years as Course Co-ordinator and Lecturer of the (former) Graduate Certificate in Narrative Therapy.

He was the co-founder of the ‘MRG’ (Men’s Responsibility Group), a men’s attitudinal and behavioural change program with a narrative therapy influence which ran in in a community health centre for 20 years.

He has also worked in community psychiatric centres, community health centres, aboriginal health, aboriginal mental health, and private practice.

In recent years has developed an interest in Single Session Family Therapy using a narrative approach He is currently the guest lecturer in Narrative Therapy to the Master in Clinical Family Therapy.

To contact, please email Ron Findlay.

Profile image of Sian McLeanSiân McLean is Senior Research Fellow. Her research focuses on sociocultural and individual factors that contribute to body dissatisfaction and disordered eating in children, adolescents, and adults. Siân has expertise in developing and evaluating school- and community-based interventions to improve body dissatisfaction and prevent eating disorders.

In addition, Siân also has a strong interest in the role of media literacy in protecting against the negative effects of  exposure to appearance ideal images on body dissatisfaction. She has over 40 publications and an H-index of 20. Siân is President-elect of the Australia and New Zealand Academy for Eating Disorders, the peak body for professionals working with eating disorders in Australia and New Zealand.

View Siân's research profile.

Profile image of Susan ConduitSusan Conduit is the centre's Student Services Officer. She is primarily responsible for the student administration for postgraduate courses at The Bouverie Centre. She has a broad range of administrative experience since commencing at The Bouverie Centre in 1999.

To contact, please email Susan Conduit.

Tanudja is an experienced project officer and executive assistant, with strong organisational, writing and problem solving skills, and a commitment to delivery. Tanudja specialises in the development of engaging, interactive course material through the Articulate Storyline software. She has extensive experience interacting with and supporting new learners.

To contact, please email Tanudja Gibson.