Project planning and best practices

An ICT Digital Research Analyst is available to discuss your technology and data management needs and to connect you with appropriate services internal and external to the university.

They can assist you and your team to optimise research outcomes through the application of advanced ICT solutions in the following ways:

  • Acting as a conduit between Research and ICT Services for strategic IT project proposals.
  • Facilitating access to and use of computing services, including local, state and national high performance computing (HPC) capabilities.
  • Recommending tools to enhance workflow and improve research productivity.
  • Analysing researcher needs with a view to developing new tools/softwares where existing solutions are not adequate.
  • Sharing best practice information from other universities, disciplines and research groups.
  • Developing estimates for the IT components of grant applications.
  • Including in‐kind contributions based on LTU or Intersect services, such as high performance computing (HPC), support and consultation/advice.

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