Sleep Workshop

Sometimes the harder you try to sleep, the more difficult it becomes.

Insomnia is one of the most common health complaints in Australia, affecting up to a third of the population. When sleep is poor we can feel tired and irritable, and as though everything requires more effort. When poor sleep persists it can increase negative feelings, affecting our mood and general health.

This group will help you to improve your sleep, by learning natural ways to stop struggling and start sleeping. The group may be helpful for anyone who struggles to get to sleep, maintain sleep, wakes up too early, or does not sleep.

What does the group involve?

The group is offered as a full day workshop (6 hours) or two half days (3 hours each). You will meet others who struggle with sleep, and the group leaders will guide you through:

  • Why your insomnia started and what keeps it going
  • How to achieve good quality sleep every night
  • How to sleep naturally without reliance on medication

The workshop is a mixture of teaching, discussion and exercises. You will be encouraged to use the learning from the workshop to build a new sleeping pattern and improve your sleep. You will also receive a set of self-help materials to use after the workshop.