Casual pool - Education, Retail Nursery and Land Management

We are looking to increase our casual pool of Education Presenters, Land Management Assistants and Retail Nursery Assistants over the coming months.

You are welcome to apply for more than one casual role. Please ensure you specify in your cover letter which role/s you are interested in.

To apply, please send a cover letter (max 2 pages) and CV to

Closing date - 3 April 2024*
*You can apply after this date, and we will keep your application on file when there is a need for more staff.

NB. We will not be interviewing immediately for all positions, so there may be a delay in us getting in touch.

More information on each of the roles is available in the relevant position descriptions below.

Retail Nursery Assistants

Working in our indigenous nursery involves customer service, ability to provide advice on gardening with indigenous species, collating orders and ability to prioritise tasks.

Retail Nursery Assistant PD

Education Presenters

Education Presenters will have public speaking skills, ability to work with school age children as well as the general public and a good grounding in environmental knowledge.

Education Presenter PD

Land Management Assistants

Working in land management requires a range of practical skills, the ability to work outdoors in all conditions and an excellent knowledge of indigenous plants and introduced weeds.

Land Management Assistant PD