A vision for a smarter future

Dr Kan Yu is making wireless communication better, especially for industry

From personal communication to industrial automation, wireless communication technology has transformed how we work and connect with the world around us.

However, wireless communication is not without its challenges and Dr Kan Yu’s research is focused on making wireless communication better, especially for industry.

“The challenge to wireless communication in modern industrial environments is that there is a need to ensure reliable, secure and efficient communication in a setting that is typically characterised by harsh conditions, significant interference and the presence of numerous devices,” explains Dr Yu.

“My research has been dedicated to tackling these challenges.”

“Specifically, I have developed innovative solutions that boost efficiency and security, and mitigate interference and errors in industrial wireless communication – paving the way for robust wireless networks that can effectively support industry applications.”

Dr Yu now hopes to expand his research to contribute to the healthcare and agriculture sectors.

“My research is now dedicated to exploring the advancement of artificial intelligence in the Internet of Things across these sectors.”

“The Internet of Things refers to the idea of making everyday objects smarter by connecting them to the internet, and then integrating artificial intelligence to enhance their decision-making ability and performance.”

“By bringing this to healthcare, I hope to help improve patient care and the accuracy of diagnoses. For agriculture, my focus is on developing more precise, efficient and sustainable farming practices.”

“My area of research is exciting to be in and can bring about transformative changes for the better.”