ARCSHS staff appointed to Victorian Government LGBTIQA+ Taskforce

Appointments to the Victorian Government's LGBTIQA+ Taskforce include Professor Adam Bourne as Taskforce Co-Chair, and Dr Sean Mulcahy as Co-Chair of the Taskforce's Department of Justice LGBTIQ Working Group. In addition, Rainbow Health Australia Program Lead Jami Jones will join the Taskforce's Health and Wellbeing Working Group.

Staff from the Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health and Society will take on significant roles in the 2024 Victorian Government LGBTIQA+ Taskforce and Working Groups, with Acting Minister for Equality Steve Dimopolous this week announcing the advisory groups’ new memberships.

ARCSHS Acting Director Professor Adam Bourne will be appointed as Co-Chair of the LGBTIQA+ Taskforce, sharing the role with Minister for Equality Harriet Shing.

Dr Sean Mulcahy will join the Taskforce as a member for the first time, as well as stepping up into the role of Co-Chair of the Department of Justice LGBTIQ Working Group, sharing the role with Parliamentary Co-Chair Michael Galea MP.

Jami Jones, Program Lead for Rainbow Health Australia, will join the Taskforce's Health and Wellbeing Working Group.

The LGBTIQA+ Taskforce and Working Groups provide an important channel for the voices of LGBTIQA+ communities into government, building a pathway alongside the government's LGBTIQA+ Leadership Program.

Minister Dimopoulos applauded new and returning members who were selected through an open and competitive recruitment process, reflecting the strength and diversity of Victoria’s LGBTIQA+ sector and leaders.

“Each member of the Taskforce and Working Groups is greatly valued for their commitment to fostering an inclusive environment for LGBTIQA+ communities in Victoria,” said Minister Dimopoulos.

“This work is nation-leading and especially important in a year when we have seen an increase in discrimination and hatred towards LGBTIQA+ communities.

“We must continue to work together towards a Victoria where everyone can feel safe, supported, and equal regardless of their gender or sexual orientation.”

The Taskforce is the most senior consultative and advisory body for LGBTIQA+ issues in the state, tasked with overseeing the delivering of the Whole of Government LGBTIQA+ Strategy and overseeing the two Working Groups.

The Justice Working Group advises on civil law, criminal law, policing and corrections.

The Health and Wellbeing Working Group provides expertise on health services, mental health and public health related issues.