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Studying at the La Trobe Rural Health School has never been so easy. La Trobe Rural Health School students have access to scholarships tailored to support students to study at our regional rural health campuses.

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"Your time at university is so much more than just the degree at the end. Studying close to home can provide you with the many opportunities to really make the most of the experience. I wanted to learn and experience the principals of nursing in another country and develop my knowledge and skills on a global level and studied in Sweden for a semester. Every student at La Trobe who goes on a semester exchange receives a mobility grant of $2000, I was fortunate enough to receive a couple of scholarships as well. Plus La Trobe was super helpful in making my trip even more affordable and provided complimentary travel insurance." -  Jessica Littore, Bachelor of Nursing alumni, Mildura Campus

Rural Victoria Scholarships

Student testimonial

"The scholarship pretty much means the world to me, because without it I wouldn’t be going to University. I am so grateful to be the recipient of this scholarship." - Daniel Hughes,  Bachelor of Dental Science (Honours), Recipient of the $80,000 PSA Insurance Program in Dentistry for Rural Victoria Scholarship.