About the La Trobe Law School

The rule of law plays a transformative role in promoting just and equitable societies. We believe that shaping the law for the better can improve individual lives and whole communities.

The La Trobe Law School’s progressive and practical courses ensure that graduates are career ready – and ready to make a difference in their local and global communities.

Our vision is to create a teaching and learning environment that focuses on social justice and employability, with research outcomes that shape the law for the better.

We offer undergraduate programs in Law and Criminology – including a range of double degrees – at La Trobe’s Bundoora and Bendigo campuses. We also offer postgraduate Law at our City campus, Masters by research and PhD programs.

Our degrees give students the skills and knowledge they need to graduate ready for the workforce.

We partner closely with community legal centres, law firms and criminal justice organisations. Our outstanding clinical placement program ensures that students graduate with valuable workplace experience, a commitment to professional responsibility and high ethical standards.

Our staff are research leaders who produce high impact outcomes. We have a strong commitment to the rule of law and community service, and use our findings to advise on and drive law reform in Australia and overseas.

Photo of Professor Fiona Kelly

There are so many opportunities at the La Trobe Law School. Our commitment to clinical teaching means that our students move seamlessly from university to employment. We pride ourselves on producing highly skilled, flexible, career ready graduates.

Professor Fiona Kelly
Dean, La Trobe Law School

A career ready education

The La Trobe Law School offers a strong core curriculum and a diverse range of electives, allowing students to tailor their study to match their career aspirations.

Learning is augmented by a range of clinical experiences and industry events that introduce students to the legal workplace.

Our Law graduates have become barristers, magistrates, partners in metropolitan and regional law firms, local and state politicians, and government solicitors.

Our Criminology graduates have pursued careers in corrections, policing, the public service and victim support services.

Whatever your passion, the La Trobe Law School will give you the skills and opportunities needed to make your career a reality.

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High impact research

Researchers in the La Trobe Law School are tackling some of the big issues of our time, partnering with industry, government and community organisations to influence law reform in Australia and overseas.

Our researchers participate in test case litigation, serve as expert witnesses in superior court cases and regularly engage with the media.

Our graduate researchers are also helping to understand law in its social context, shaping law reform and facilitating social change. Our Masters and PhD programs give candidates the opportunity to conduct high impact projects under the direction of experts in their field.

The La Trobe Law School is rated at well above world average in the Australian Research Council's Excellence in Research for Australia.

Our research aligns with La Trobe University's research themes: Social change and equity, Healthy people, families and communities, and Resilient environments and communities.

Our research is grouped into three key areas:

Our researchers are critically examining the relationship between law and society in areas such as criminal justice, family relations and health.

Our researchers are breaking new ground in international criminal law, international environmental law and international human rights law.

Our researchers are investigating contemporary legal challenges associated with areas such as disability, refugees and social security.

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