Course Advisory Committees

Our Course Advisory Committees include members from relevant industries and professional associations.

These experts provide the La Trobe Business School with advice on the future direction and development of our courses, potential market demand for new and revised courses, and support for our offerings with industry engagement.

Master of Business Administration


David Williamson - CEO Melbourne Innovation Centre

External members

Adam Phillips - Global Commercial Head, Cambridge Bochill Language Assessment

Na TaSha (Li hui) - Director, International Maker Park

Dr Roger Hilton - Director, Lean Sigma Analytics Pty Ltd

Zack Haddock - Executive Director, Koorie Outcomes Division, School Education Programs and Support Group, Department of Education and Training

Allison Beckwith - CEO, Banyule City Council

Kelly Lees - CEO, Meadow Funeral Group Pty Ltd

Nguyen Thi Than Huong - Business consultant and international representative, International Cooperation Department, Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences

Glenn Dashwood - Senior Manager, OHS & Wellbeing, Department of Transport

Stephan Morot - Regional Manager, Vic Tas MBA Alumni - Specialisations Representative, LarkSpur Wealth

Mahima Chaudhary - Senior Consultant, Change and Transformation, MBA Alumni - International Representative, Deloitte, Canada

Paul Burch - Retail Store Manager, MBA student representative, 99 Bikes

Internal members

Professor Aron O'Cass - Dean and Head of School, La Trobe Business School

Dr Nicola McNeil - Head of Department of Management and Marketing, La Trobe Business School

Dr Geraldine Kennett - Director MBA Program, La Trobe Business School

Dr Jennifer Spoor - MBA Subject Coordinator, La Trobe Business School

Dr Pashaar Halteh - Sessional Lecturer, La Trobe Business School

Dr Adam Heron - Senior Project Officer, La Trobe Business School

Terry Burkitt - Director Wiley Education (representing Online MBA), Wiley

Supply Chain Logistics

External members

Marie Varrasso - COO, Utenant

Tony Richter - Partner, Bastian Consulting

Joe Arena - CEO, Procurement Australia

Allan Maki - General Manager, Ceva Logistics

Karyn Welsh - Director, CILT Australia (CILTA)

Dr John Blunt - Senior Consultant and Chair, John Blunt

Internal members

Associate Professor Michael Volkov - Associate Dean Learning and Teaching, La Trobe Business School

Associate Professor Sean Arisian - Course Coordinator, La Trobe Business School

Dr Nicola McNeil - Head, Department of Management and Marketing, La Trobe Business School

Minh Phuo Ng Pham - Student Representative, La Trobe Business School