Bendigo Campus Master Plan

Project description

The Bendigo Campus Master Plan is a comprehensive guide to future development at La Trobe University's Bendigo Flora Hill campus for the next 15 years.

The purpose of the Bendigo Campus Master Plan is to ensure cohesive campus development over time, which balances the varying needs of the university community and maximises the ability of the built environment to embody the values and aspirations of the institution.

The Master Plan has been developed through the lens of the Bendigo Campus Vision, launched in 2014. It will act an enabling device, which provides a clear framework for the development of a vibrant campus. It will also serve as a blueprint for growth for all University departments going forward.

The Master Plan will be invaluable in our engagement and partnerships with federal, state and local governments, business and industry, our community and of course our present and future staff and students.

The Bendigo Campus Master Plan will also be used as a tool for review and assessment: a standard that the University can use to review the success and progress of each phase of capital development and growth. The Bendigo Flora Hill Campus Master Plan will be updated in five year.

Key Concepts for Bendigo Campus Master Plan

  1. Establish the front door of the campus
  2. Create a clear pedestrian network
  3. Consolidate car parking and vehicular access
  4. Open up the library hub to the community
  5. Create a vibrant core campus learning environment
  6. Expand and diversify on campus housing
  7. Improve access to sports, recreation and community health
  8. Strengthen the bushland landscape character
  9. Develop a cohesive La Trobe landscape palette
  10. Improve campus sustainability

Bendigo Campus Master Plan Documents

Further Information

If you want more information on any elements of the Bendigo Campus Master Plan please contact the Master Planning Team via email at