Health insurance

It is a condition of your student visa that you have a valid Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) for the duration of your student visa. OSHC is the minimum level of health insurance that international students and their dependents are required to purchase. If you need to extend your OSHC (e.g. you fail some units and need to extend your time here), you need to do this directly with the OSHC provider.

Important: Please be aware that if you are here on a visa other than student visa, you are not eligible for OSHC and need to arrange your own health insurance.

Purchase OSHC

La Trobe University has an agreement with OSHC by Allianz Global Assistance to provide health cover for our international students. If you purchase OSHC through La Trobe University we will advise the Department of Home Affairs on your behalf. Under this agreement, you pay the OSHC premium for the entire length of your course with your first instalment of tuition fees. This means that you are covered from the day you arrive in Australia.

You also have the option to arrange your own OSHC policy from any government-approved OSHC provider.

Exceptions: You do not need OSHC if you are:

  • a Norwegian student covered by the Norwegian National Insurance Scheme
  • a Swedish student covered by Kammarkollegiet
  • a Belgian student covered under the Reciprocal Health Care Agreement with Australia.

Some countries have a reciprocal health care agreement with Australia and have access to additional services covered by Medicare on top of their compulsory Overseas Student Health Cover. To check your eligibility visit the Department of Human Services.

If you are eligible you will need to visit any Centerlink - Medicare office with your passport and visa to organise your reciprocal health care card.

OSHC fees

OSHC by Allianz Global Assistance 2019 fees are listed below. Rates may be subject to change without notice.

Month durationSingleDual familyMulti-family
6 monthsA$330A$1,163A$1,795
12 monthsA$609A$2,138A$3,300
2 yearsA$1,260A$4,196A$6,260
3 yearsA$1,890A$5,954A$9,216
Single policyCovers only the student visa holder.
Dual family policyCovers the student visa holder plus one adult (spouse or recognised de-facto partner) OR
one or more dependent children.
Multi family policyCovers the student visa holder, one adult (spouse or recognised de-facto partner) and one or more dependent children.

For single semester students (e.g Study Abroad and Exchange students), you are required to purchase at least seven months duration of OSHC.

For more information refer to: OSHC by Allianz Global Assistance Full Price Listing (PDF 83KB).

What is covered?

It is important that you read the OSHC Essentials – the policy document and members guide for more details on eligibility, periods of cover, general exclusions, benefits payable and more.

Meet an OSHC representative on campus

A client service representative from Allianz Global Assistance is available to assist you with your OSHC needs and questions Monday to Thursday from 10 am to 4 pm, at level 3, Sylvia Walton Building.

Note: If your OSHC Representative is unavailable you can contact Allianz Global Assistance via Smartphone app (download "My OSHC" from Apple/Google Play Store) or email or phone 13 67 42.

For international students at La Trobe's regional campuses please visit OSHC by Allianz Global Assistance or call 13 6742.

Accessing medical services

To find a list of medical services that accept OSHC card or eCard, refer to Find a Doctor. The invoice will be sent directly to OSHC by Allianz Global Assistance.

Important: Please note that not all the listed clinics are "bulk-billed", in some cases you may need to pay a small upfront fee (gap fee), which you cannot claim. It is suggested that you contact your preferred clinic beforehand to confirm if a gap fee will be charged.

On-campus Medical Centres that offer bulk billing to La Trobe International Students:

To access their services, please provide your up-to-date OSHC card or policy and your student ID card.

Doctors on Demand

As part of your Allianz Global Assistance OSHC policy, you have 24/7 access to "Doctors on Demand", a video and phone doctor service.

To access the service:
  1. Visit the website
  2. Click "Redeem a Benefit"
  3. Enter your OSHC membership number
  4. Book a consult or request a repeat prescription

Did you know?

OSHC by Allianz Global Assistance also offers an emergency interpreting service and a 24-hour legal advice and medical assistance line (free call 1800 814 781).