Tuition fees

Use Find a Course to find out how much your course will cost. To find out the cost of a course, look for 'Annual Tuition Fee (A$) underneath the International Students course name.

This figure shows you the fee for each year of the course in Australian dollars.

If you are studying a three year course, the complete cost of your course will be 3 x Annual Tuition Fee.

You should also consider the costs of:

  • living in Australia
  • overseas student health cover fees
  • banking in Australia
  • working while studying.

All fees on our website are in Australian dollars and don't include expenses like text books, accommodation, transport or medical costs. Fees are based on a standard annual credit point load (e.g. 120 credit points per year). If you change your student load, your course fees will also change.

Tuition fee arrangements

Tuition fees are subject to change each year. The University reserves the right to vary fees on an annual basis. Fees will not normally rise above 7 per cent per annum. Should the University decide to increase its fees, that increase will take effect on 1 January of the following year.

Student assistance schemes

Please note that from 1 January 2005, due to Australian Government changes, international students who commence studying in Australia on a student visa and subsequently obtain Permanent Residency will NOT be eligible to access fee assistance schemes (e.g. HECS-HELP, FEE- HELP), unless they are holders of an Australian Permanent Humanitarian Visa.

Transitional arrangements are in place for international students who commenced study prior to 2005. Contact La Trobe International for further information.

Refund policy

La Trobe University has a refund policy to deal with circumstances that require a refund. Please view the Refund policy if you have any questions. Refund application forms are available on our refunds page.

How to pay your fees

When you accept your offer, you can pay via the secure online application portal.

The International Online Application System is a secure web-based service which allows you to make your tuition fees and Overseas Student Health Cover payments via VISA/Mastercard or Western Union Business Solutions (in your local currency, where available). La Trobe University has partnered with the National Australia Bank and Western Union Business Solutions to provide students with a fast and secure payment service.

La Trobe University will receive automated notification once you have successfully made the required payment. This gives you certainty of the final cost and will speed up the issue of the Confirmation of Enrolment for new students, allowing earlier initiation of the visa application process.

We only accept telegraphic transfer through Western Union Business Solutions via the above link.

Ensure you upload a copy of the Bank Receipt (TT slip) for telegraphic transfer payment with your completed International Offer Acceptance Form on your application portal.

Fee resources