Returning home

It has been a pleasure hosting you for your studies at La Trobe University! We hope that you enjoyed your time in Australia and have some interesting stories to take back home. Before you finish up, there are a few key things you need to know before you depart for your return home


It is important to note that the Supplementary/Special exams usually run much later than the completion date of the semester. This may mean that you will not be able to sit for Supplementary/Special exam for any failed subjects as this could be after your visa expiry date.

If you are struggling with any of your subjects, we recommend that you seek help from your academics, International Student Services or La Trobe Abroad much earlier than the exam period.

You can find the dates on the Exams and results page.

OSHC Refund

If you have arranged your insurance through La Trobe University, all study abroad and exchange students are entitled to a refund for the remaining duration left in any unclaimed Overseas Health coverage. You will be contacted closer to the end of the semester with instructions and documents to apply for your refund. You will need one of these documents signed at the Global Lounge as part of the process.

Accommodation and other outstanding debts

Ensure that all of your accommodation, library and other outstanding debts are paid BEFORE you leave. Any outstanding debts to the University will place a sanction on your official transcript until you sort out the payments. This will put your official transcript on hold delay your ability to transfer your credits at your home university.


Once the results have been released, a complimentary copy of your official transcript will be sent to your home university directly. If you need any additional copies, you can order online here (at a cost).

You can also download an unofficial copy of your grades from StudentOnline which will be active for another 3 months after you complete your program.

You can check the dates for when results will be released on the Exams and results page.

Share your experience

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