Klettner Room

The Klettner room, adjacent to Union Hall, is located in the Union Building.

Ideal for:

  • meeting space or breakout room
  • workshops
  • presentations
  • private dining functions

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Room configurationMaximum capacity

Room features

  • round meeting table
  • in-built recessed servery area which can be used as a drinks or food station or for storage
  • decorative bay window overlooking Union Drive
  • natural light
  • climate control with heating and air-conditioning
  • adjacent to Union Hall internal entrances


The Klettner Room is located on the Melbourne (Bundoora) campus, next to Union Hall. If you enter via the Union Hall external ramp, the meeting room is to your right. View campus map.


The nearest pay-as-you-go carpark to the Klettner Room is Carpark 3. For more information or to see a map of the carparks, view our Carparking Guide.

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