If you are thinking about undertaking a research degree the first step is to make contact with a potential supervisor. Our researchers are always willing to discuss your research interests and current opportunities.

The research areas available for honours, masters and PhD in 2020 are:

  • Environmental Chemistry and Contaminants
  • Fish Ecology and Management
  • Wetlands and Floodplains Ecology
  • Climate Change, Drought and Freshwater Ecosystems

Please read the Centre for Freshwater Ecosystems honours and graduate research handbook to view further details on research topics available in 2020 and to find contact details for our researchers.

Current Postgraduate student projects

Suman Acharya

Dissolved Organic Nitrogen (DON) in natural waters as a source of bioavailable nitrogen

Thai Uyen Chi Le

Causal modelling for socio-economic-ecological outcomes of various flow regimes in the Murray-Darling Basin River Basin, Australia.

Francesco Colombi

Understanding the long-term geochemical pathways of mining wastes using legacy tailings from Victorian Goldfields

Meegan Judd

Environmental flow studies and management

Rebecca Littler

Seasonal changes in seed production and viability in response to flow

Gabriella Macoustra

The influence of different dissolved organic carbon (DOC) on the toxicity of metals to freshwater organisms.

Lucas Morais

The influence of Water Chemistry on Zinc Bioavailability and Toxicity

Lorena Bettinelli Nogueira

Dams and Challenges for fish conservation: Evaluation of icthyoplankton dispersal in reservoirs in Australia and Brazil.

James O'Dwyer

Flows for fish: Using water flow to promote connectivity, recruitment and genetic diversity for Australian fish species

Manisha Shakya

Protein nutrition in freshwater consumers.