Sudden death (eg. suicide)

  • On the discovery of sudden death, contact your campus security/emergency response.
    • If this call is unanswered, police should be called on 000. A further attempt to call campus security should then be made.
  • On arrival at the scene the attending campus security/emergency response officer will take control until the arrival of police.
  • Campus security/emergency response will confirm the presence of a victim and if appropriate commence first aid. Otherwise the area should be secured until the arrival of police and the emergency response plan activated.
  • The person notifying security of the incident should remain close to the scene (under supervision of campus security/emergency response) until the arrival of police.

Activation of the emergency response plan

  • Campus security/emergency response will notify the University Emergency Response Coordinator (Manager Security) who will develop a situation report and notify the Critical Incident Manager.
  • The Critical Incident Manager will determine the need for activation of the Critical Incident Management Plan.
  • If the victim is a student and is found in a university residence, the Residential Emergency Plan will be activated.
  • Irrespective of where the student is found the Welfare Officer will be notified.
  • If the student is an overseas student, the International Programs Office will be notified and the O/S emergency response will be activated.
  • If the victim is a staff member, the Director People and Culture will be notified and the P&C response activated.
  • In all circumstances those affected by the death should be offered access to Counselling Services.