Department of Social Inquiry partnerships

The Department of Social Inquiry partners with a range of community and government organisations in Victoria, across Australia and abroad.

We collaborate on research, consult with and advocate for communities, and engage with community sector and government organisations to improve social justice, equality and wellbeing.

Australian partnerships

We partner with a range of social, government and academic organisations. Together, we collaborate on teaching initiatives that enhance the student experience and research projects that benefit the communities we serve.

Our partnerships span health and social services, migration and multiculturalism, community development and planning.

A sample of our teaching and research partnerships in Australia include:

We have partnered with the City of Greater Bendigo for several years on our ‘CityStudio’ subject. Planning students work in interdisciplinary groups to develop solutions to real world challenges faced by the Bendigo community. Findings are presented to Council and community stakeholders.

Our research partnership has produced several symposia on regional migration and a 2022 symposium on Shepparton’s COVID-19 response.

Our research partnership is investigating women and the criminal legal system, with a focus on the gendered impacts of bail laws and the policing of victim-survivors of family violence. Findings will inform law reform debates.

Good Hood aims to produce simple technology that is accessible to everyone. Our research partnership explores the role of new technologies in supporting access to health services for people who speak Languages Other Than English.

The Pacific Islander Network aims to connect regional and urban diaspora communities of Pacific people across Australia and beyond. Our research partnership has developed evidence-based online resources to support Pacific communities.

Our research partnership spans a range of projects, including Australian Research Council-funded research that explores the experiences of migrant populations in the region.

Our research partnership with this community legal centre explores the role of women’s agency and language in family violence intervention orders. Findings will inform strategies to improve women’s access to justice.

Our research partnership aims to improve access to sexual and reproductive health care.

Our research partnership features a program of Shared Reading aimed at increasing social cohesion and wellbeing.

International partnerships

We have an extensive global partnership network including academic institutions, private and public entities, and international organisations. We have a strong interest in internationalisation and are always willing to engage with new collaborators who share our sense of mission.

Our international partnerships support a wide range of academic initiatives including study tours, postgraduate training, research projects and community initiatives.

A sample of our international teaching and research partnerships include:

Our Department contributes to La Trobe University’s research initiative with the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, and the Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Palani, to address the growing challenges of urbanisation.

This interdisciplinary collaborative network connects researchers, public sector and business professionals with expertise to work together to improve cities in Asia.

Find out more about the Network.

Our partnership with Ateneo University enables Manila-based PhD candidates to study at La Trobe University. The pairing of supervisors (candidates have one supervisor at each institution), has resulted in new collaborations, the imagining of future projects, and ongoing research connections between academics at the two universities.

Our teaching and research partnership, spanning 20 years, has produced eight top tier, jointly-authored journal articles.

Our research partnership is exploring rice farmers’ agricultural preferences in the context of climate change.

We are collaborating on research spanning public inquiries, citizen activism and social change.

Our Planning partnership with Nirma University features a program of co-operation to explore potential staff and student exchanges, projects and programs.

As a result of this partnership, Nirma University’s Director of School of Planning has visited La Trobe University, and our Program Convener has visited Nirma University twice. We are working on a joint research project and have delivered joint research seminars.

Our staff are key contributors to the Philippines-Australia Forum, supported by La Trobe Asia.

The Forum supports research, engagement and teaching initiatives to increase awareness of Philippine politics, culture, and society – strengthening people-to-people connections and institutional partnerships between the Philippines and Australia.

It also serves as an active hub for academics, businesses and civic society with an interest in the Philippines, especially for students in the Philippines and Australia interested in Philippine studies.

The Philippines-Australia Forum at La Trobe is an initiative funded by the Philippine Consulate General in Australia and the Philippine Government to advance Philippine studies at La Trobe University.

Find out more about the Forum.

Our Department and the University of Freiburg each host Research Fellows to promote collaborative research endeavours.

These organisations are partnering on Australian Research Council-funded research examining youth leadership and civic engagement in the Pacific.

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Our partnerships include sponsored research projects, work based learning, consulting work and in-kind contributions to large scale, externally-funded projects. Our partners value our research capabilities, diverse experience and collaborative spirit.

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Department of Social Inquiry

Shared reading

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