Research Affiliates

Research Centre for Applied Alpine Ecology

The Research Centre for Applied Alpine Ecology comprises a group of professional scientists and academics who study all aspects of the ecology of alpine and sub-alpine landscapes. Scientific research includes ecological processes, effects of fire, exotic plants and animals, human activities, and the management of these ecosystems in response to climate change.

Centre for Freshwater Ecosystems (CFE)

The Centre for Freshwater Ecosystems (CFE) brings together a wealth of expertise to understand and solve significant challenges to support the sustainable management of freshwater ecosystems. Our work directly supports decision-making regarding maintenance and restoration of the long-term health of rivers, catchments, floodplains and wetlands and is founded on a history of research under the auspices of the Murray–Darling Freshwater Research Centre.

Centre for Future Landscapes (CFL)

The Research Centre for Future Landscapes will pioneer the development of a new, internationally significant, scientific discipline - landscape transformation science. Conducting fundamental and applied research in landscape change, CFL will link La Trobe's ecological expertise with social and economic research. By building on our existing industry partnerships, we will devise and test next-generation tools and solutions for environmental and social sustainability.

Arthur Rylah Institute for Environmental Research (ARI)

The Arthur Rylah Institute for Environmental Research (ARI) is a leading centre for applied ecological research, with an emphasis on flora, fauna and biodiversity issues. ARI's main focus is on providing strategic research and management advice to answer key questions affecting ecologically sustainable land or water management and resource use policies.