Tangsa Wihu song: insight into culture through language, music and ritual

An Australian Research Council project by Dr Stephen Morey (2016–2019)

The Tangsa Wihu song-cycle is a ritual and poetic tradition common to people in a very linguistically diverse community on the India-Myanmar border. The linguistic, historical and musicological features of the Wihu song, traditionally performed over many hours and days, will be documented and analysed.

The rich and complex linguistic diversity of Tangsa is shining a light on traditional patterns of human linguistic and social development. This work will further strengthen La Trobe University’s position as a leader in the study of languages in highland South East Asia, as well as enhancing our knowledge of the linguistic and cultural diversity of two important and growing economic power-houses in our region: India and Myanmar.

This collaborative research project is led by Dr Stephen Morey and musicologist Dr Jürgen Schöpf. It is funded by the Australian Research Council (ARC Discovery Project DP160103061, 2016–2019).