Elementary Chinese language courses are designed for beginners who do not have any prior knowledge of the Chinese language or have only some very basic knowledge. To cater to different needs, this course is split into two levels:


  • Prerequisite: Nil (little or no prior knowledge of the Chinese language).
  • Duration: 12 weeks.
  • Textbook: Great Wall Chinese 1

Elementary course is based on the textbook Great Wall Chinese, designed by the Chinese National Office for Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language (NOCFL). Great Wall Chinese will be available as a reference in classrooms only. Instructors will provide learning materials and exercises for each class and students will be provided a complimentary CD containing audio files to facilitate your independent study after class.

Learning Outcomes

(Speaking and Listening)

After Elementary Chinese, you will be able to:

  • Describe a person’s gender, height and general appearance
  • Ask and give directions
  • Talk about time and daily routine
  • Ask and talk about personal information
  • Show likes and dislikes
  • Conduct simple conversations in Chinese on a range of topics

(Reading and writing)

After finishing Elementary , you will:

  • Read sentences (Pinyin) with correct pronunciation, tones, intonations and rhythms
  • Recognize approximately 150 Chinese characters
  • Write at least 20 characters
  • Understand basic Chinese sentence structure

(Chinese Culture)

During our Elementary , you will learn more about Chinese culture and history, customs and social etiquette, value systems, cultural taboos and current affairs. And you will understand the formation of characters by learning the meaning of some basic radicals, which will help you guess the meaning of different characters.

Teaching Modes

Teaching aids:

  • Pictures
  • Multimedia
  • On-line software
  • Audio and video resources


  • Lectures and language practice
  • Demonstration
  • Role play
  • Discussion
  • Simulation


No formal assessment will be conducted. You will receive consistent feedback from the instructor regarding your learning progress. At the end of the course, there will be an oral or written examination, contents and requirement of which, decided by different instructors, may be different. You will receive an official Confucius Institute Completion Certificate after you finish the course (80% of the attendance is required for this Certificate).

After systematically learning Great Wall Chinese Book One, you may be able to enrol in HSK I (Chinese Language Proficiency Test Band One) to test your Chinese language proficiency,and have a big chance of winning a scholarship to study in China.

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