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2023 Intake Timetable

Our courses will continue to be delivered online in 2023.

We are glad to announce that from 2022, we started working with Bendigo Senior Secondary College to provide community Chinese classes in Bendigo region (face to face). If you are from Bendigo region and would like to register, please register via this link:


For regular Chinese courses at La Trobe University Confucius Institute, please see below the timetable and registration link.

Standard Intake 1--Starting from 27 February 2023 (Online via Zoom)

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(Elementary: 27 February to 30 May; Intermediate: 1 March to 24 May; Advanced class: 2 March to 25 May)

ZOON Sessions

*We will offer 25% discount to all students enrolling in 2023 intake 1 courses.  Please see below the "Cost" section for the new tuition fee for intake 1, 2023.

Course Number of ClassesDayTimeLocationCost
Elementary 12 Monday 5.30pm-7.30pm    ONLINE $210
Elementary 12 Tuesday 5.30pm-7.30pm    ONLINE$210
Intermediate 12Wednesday5.30pm-7.30pm   ONLINE$225
Advanced12Thursday5.30pm-7.30pm   ONLINE$240
Advanced Plus12Tuesday5.30pm-7.30pm   ONLINE$240

Note: There will be no class on 10 April, 11 April and 25 April.

Standard Intake 2---Starting from 31 July 2023

(Elementary: 31 July to 24 October; Intermediate: 2 August to 25 October; Advanced class: 3 August to 26 October)

Zoom Sessions

Course Number of ClassesDayTimeLocationCost
Elementary 12 Monday 5.30pm-7.30pm ONLINE$210
Elementary 12 Tuesday 5.30pm-7.30pm ONLINE$210
Intermediate 12Wednesday5.30pm-7.30pmONLINE$225
Advanced Plus12Tuesday5.30pm-7.30pmONLINE$240

LTCI Chinese Course Online Sessions

Q&A (will be updated continuously)

1. Is there any chance we will move from online to on-site during intake 1 2023?

All courses in 2023 will be delivered online to ensure the consistence.

2. How many students will be learning together in the online session?

We will have the same maximum number of students (15) for each Zoom session.

3. Will there be further discount applied if course is delivered online?

Yes, we offer 25% discounts to all students for this intake to support our students. When you enrol, please select “Student Union Member” option to get the 25% discount. No membership number will be required for this intake.

4. How will the class be delivered? Will there be interactive session during the class?

Our teachers will send out emails explaining how the session will be conducted. You will receive the email approximately one week before your class. Please feel free to email us if you need any support during the online teaching session. Email can be sent to confuciusinstitute@latrobe.edu.au or to your teacher directly.