Targeted learners

  • Anyone that has finished Intermediate Chinese courses or has an equivalent level of Chinese proficiency.
  • Maximum number of students each class: 15


Great Wall Chinese (Book Three)

(These series of textbooks are designed by the Chinese National Office for Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language (NOCFL). Great Wall Chinese will be available as a reference in classrooms only. Instructors will provide learning materials and exercises for each class and students will be provided a complimentary CD containing audio files to facilitate independent study after class.)


12 weeks

Teaching purpose

The course is designed for those who have completed Chinese for Intermediate level or have attained an equivalent level of proficiency. Its primary aim and purpose is to provide students with a working understanding of, and familiarity with, basic Chinese and culture. Students will be encouraged to build vocabulary, improve reading comprehension and enhance conversational skills.

Teaching aids and methodology

Teaching aids:

Pictures; multimedia teaching facilities such as power-point, on-line multimedia software, audio and video resources.


Lectures and language practice; demos; role plays; discussions; real-life simulations.

Teaching content

Focusing on listening, speaking, and simple Chinese character writing; learning more basic Mandarin pronunciation, vocabulary, grammatical structures.

Book Three

  • Talk about weather,
  • Describe an on-going action ,
  • Ask, tell and comment habits,
  • Describe living facilities and conditions,
  • Post and collect letters and parcels,
  • Exchange, deposit and withdraw money,
  • Go shopping,
  • See a doctor,
  • Recreational activities,
  • Describe a past action

Book Four

  • Classroom activities (classes, exams, etc.)
  • Study experiences, speciality and skills,
  • Campus life and activities,
  • Comment on one’s occupations and work,
  • Look for a job,
  • Go through formalities,
  • Invite guests
  • Appointment and arrangements,
  • Leisure time
  • Weekend plans
  • Book Five
  • Comment on interests and hobbies,
  • Invitation and declination,
  • Describe one’s physical features,
  • Make an appointment,
  • Being a guest,
  • Dispositions and personalities,
  • Sports and make comparison,
  • Make friends,
  • TV programmes,
  • Pass on a message and make a promise.

Book Six

  • Use “比”sentence to make comparisons about weather,
  • Chinese and western festivals,
  • Use “把”sentence to learn to check in at a hotel,
  • Use “把”sentence to talk about services such as having a haircut and renting a car,
  • Look up and enquiry about information of renting a house and recommending travel routes,
  • Make reservations,
  • Talk about holiday plans, using “了”sentence,
  • Talk about health, using “了”sentence,
  • Talk about the computer and the internet, using “连”sentence,
  • State some problems has occurred.

After finishing Book 3, students will learn totally 545 words; 760 words after finishing Book 4; 940words after Book 5; and approximately 1200 words after finishing Book 6.

  • Have good proficiency in the correct pronunciation, rhythms and tones,
  • Recognize about 1200  Chinese characters and write about 300 or more characters,
  • Learn more basic Chinese sentence patterns.

Cultural Awareness

Students’ language learning experience will be complemented with an exploration of culture and language. They will be exposed to Chinese culture and history, customs and social etiquette, value systems and identities, and some current affairs, including Chinese climates, important festivals, internet culture and famous places of historical interest.


  • There will be no formal assessment. However, students will receive consistent feedback from the instructor regarding their progress. And they will receive an official Confucius Institute completion certificate at the end of each course level via email in PDF format. 80% of the attendance is a must to obtain an official Confucius Institute completion certificate.
  • After systematically learning Great Wall Chinese Book Six, students may be able to enrol in HSK4 (Chinese Language Proficiency Test Band Four) to test their Chinese language proficiency,and have a big chance of winning a scholarship to study in China.

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