China Expertise at La Trobe University


NameChina related research interests
Prof. Kamran AhmedCorporate disclosure; corporate governance, financial accounting; auditing, and accounting policy choice
Dr. Gordon BoyceAccounting and accountability, social accounting, critical & interpretive perspectives on accounting

Animal, Plant and Soil Science

NameChina related research interests
Prof. Jim WhelanPlant energy metabolism; bio-informatics (close collaberation with Chinese scientists)
Dr. Xiaojuan WangSoil science
Prof. Caixin TangSoil management, plant-soil interactions, rhizosphere chemistry & nutrient dynamics
Dr. Clayton ButterlySoil science
Dr Richard PetersLizards
Dr Ashley FranksRemediation of polluted soils

Archaeology and History

NameChina related research interests
Assoc. Prof. Richard CosgrovePleistocene epoch archaeology in the Luonan Basin
Assoc. Prof. Andy HerriesArchaeology (Guangxi, Yunnan)
Dr Nadia RhookEarly History of Chinese Medical Practice in Victoria
Dr Ruth GambleTibetan studies, particularly rapidly changing environment in this region and the effects it has on its inhabitants; environmental history


NameChina related research interests
Prof. Cheryl DissanayakeIdentification and early intervention of ASDS in Tianjin
Dr Josie BarbaroIdentification and early intervention of ASDS in Tianjin

Computer Science

NameChina related research interests
Dr Dianhui (Justin) WangData mining and computational intelligence systems for bioinformatics and engineering applications

Biochemistry and Genetics

NameChina related research interests
Dr. Hamsa PuthalakathBiochemistry and Molecular Biology
Prof. Weisan ChenCellular immunology, cancer and viral vaccines (close collaberation with Chinese scientists)

Economics and Finance

NameChina Related Research Interests
Prof. Xiangkang YinAsset pricing and investment, corporate finance and governance
Dr. Hui (Michael) LiAsset pricing and investment, behavioural research in corporate governance

Language and Linguistics

NameChina related research interests
Prof. David BradleyLanguage endangerment, minority language policy, Tibeto-Burman languages
Dr. Bao-Qiang GaoContemporary Chinese education and cross-cultural communication
Dr. Yangbin ChenUyghur students in Chinese boarding schools, Uyghur identity and ethnic integration


NameChina related research interests
Prof. Jianfu ChenInternational/comparative law, trade law, human rights law and Chinese law

Management and Marketing

NameChina related research interests
Dr. Alice LiChinese business management, international and cross-cultural management
Dr. Clare D'SouzaConsumer behaviour, social and sustainable marketing, higher education marketing
Prof. Peter DowlingHuman resource management and international management
Dr. Warwick FrostChinese diaspora, Sino-Anglo partnerships in agriculture, nature-based tourism
Dr Jennifer LaingBendigo's Chinese heritage precinct
Dr Andrew J GilmoreMeasuring trust
Dr Mei-tai ChuKnowledge Management
Dr Jasvir Kaur Nachatar SinghInternational students and higher education

Mathematics and Statistics

NameChina related research interests
Dr. Siew-Pang ChanMedical analytics, structural equation model

Politics, Media and Philosophy

NameChina related research interests
Prof. John MakehamChinese philosophy, Chinese intellectual history
Assoc. Prof. James LeiboldEthnic and national identity, ethnic policy, Xinjiang
Prof. Nick BisleyDiplomacy, international relations
Prof. Freya Mathews - Hon.Chinese environmental thought, ecological civilisation
Dr John JorgensenEast Asian Buddhism
Dr Corey BellChinese Buddhism
Dr Paul RuleMatteo Ricci, Confucian philosophy, philosophy of religion
Dr Peter WongPre-Qin Confucianism, philosophy of religion, ritual

Public Health

NameChina related research interests
Prof. Vivian LinHealth policy (on leave with WHO)
Assoc. Prof. Chaojie (George) LiuChina's health care system, China and global governance in health
Dr. Zhanming LiangHealth services management, quality and safety
Assoc. Prof. David LeggeHealth management in china, health policy in china
Mr. Adamm FerrierCorrectional health management and procurement in health
Dr Heng (Jason) JiangAlcohol and related health issues in China

Social Inquiry

NameChina related research interests
Dr. Xianbi HuangGuanxi studies, social networks and job mobility
Dr. Brooke WilmsonForced displacement and resettlement