Bendigo Tech School

La Trobe University's Bendigo Campus is home to the Bendigo Tech School.

Bendigo Tech School delivers programming codesigned with industry and educators to prepare secondary students for the future of work.

The Victorian Government initiative is located in our new, state-of-the-art Engineering building.

The tech school welcomes students from 14 local secondary schools to experience leading-edge technology and discovery-based learning. Its innovative STEAM programs feature collaborative challenges that focus on the needs of local community and enterprise.

Industry focus

The Bendigo Tech School’s programs are aligned to industries predicted to experience strong economic and employment growth, including:

  • medical technology and pharmaceuticals
  • new energy technologies
  • advanced manufacturing
  • food and fibre
  • professional services
  • transport
  • defence
  • construction technologies.

The school works with local industry leaders to ensure students are exposed to real-world problem solving.

The Bendigo Tech School provides opportunities for young people to experience and develop the skills required for the future of work.

Applying design thinking and the latest tech to ‘real-world’ issues, in partnership with industry, gives young people the skills and experience they need to be successful in workplaces of the future.