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Singapore's Relationship with China

Singapore is a small country, highly reliant on commerce and trade, and with strong ties to China. This relationship can be at odds with other practices, for example: Its small military has an active conscription system. All citizens need to serve at least two years in the military, and their training bases are in Taiwan.


Associate Professor Ian Chong, Political Science, National University of Singapore

Recorded on 25 November 2022

Episode 198

The Philippines Relationship with China

In 2022 The Philippines elected a new president, Ferdinand Marcos Jr, and with him came a pivot in international views, particularly towards China and the United States. The previous administration led by Rodrigo Duterte had embraced China and the development opportunities it had to offer, and while Marcos Jr might continue this, it might be with slightly less enthusiasm.


Professor Aries Arugay, Political Science, University of the Philippines

Recorded 23 November 2022

Episode #197