Personal mythologies

14 Jul to 16 Oct 2022

Artists: Tiyan Baker, Jenna Lee, Cindy Lien, NC Qin, Renee So, Jia Sung, Louise Zhang
Guest curator: Sophia Cai

Personal mythologies explores the role that fantasy and imagination play in our constructions of self and our relationships to place and history. This thematic group exhibition brings together sculpture, installation, photography, textiles and painting by seven Australian and international artists. These works address elements of folklore, mythology and storytelling, complicating ideas about cultural expression and translation.

For Cai, Personal mythologies is, at its heart, a diasporic and transcultural exhibition that investigates what it means to relate to the broader Asian continent from afar. It is a project that considers complex notions of personal identity, how we forge and maintain connections and what new meanings can arise from these encounters.

This exhibition has been developed to complement the exhibition In our time: four decades of art from China and beyond – the Geoff Raby Collection co-presented with Bendigo Art Gallery (20 August 2022 to 19 February 2023).

Read more about the exhibition and the artists in the exhibition guide [PDF 220KB]

Image: NC Qin, Glass armour, 2020 (development ongoing), cast glass (Blackwoods lead crystal), marble, brass. © NC Qin. Courtesy the artist

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