Past exhibitions

Tuesday 03 April 12:00am

Collaboratory is a series of exhibitions that reflects on the nature of collective endeavour. It offers a way of understanding the relationships inherent in working partnerships, the impact of such practices on medium and process, and the ways in which audiences are engaged.

Thursday 08 February 05:30pm

Agatha Gothe- Snape, Carolyn Eskdale, Helen Grogan, Jessie Bullivant, Shannon Lyons. The gallery is more than a frame. More than an architectural setting. In Infrastructuralism, five artists produce and deliver work that ingratiates itself inside the physical system of the gallery. The exhibition exposes the hidden, neglected or secretive support structures that serve as platforms for the presentation of art objects. Presented across all spaces at LAI, the artworks marry humour with material awareness in a playful incursion into the nature of our cultural organisations. All the various facets that go into making up architecture, display, function and administration are brought into play.

Thursday 08 February 06:15pm

Throughout history, artists have been active participants in key social and political debates. Pablo Picasso's Guernica is one of the greatest paintings to protest the brutality of war.

Tuesday 06 February 12:00am

A fusion of process, presentation and form.

Thursday 18 January 05:30pm

Join 2016 Georges Mora Fellow, James Geurts as we celebrate the closing days of his exhibition Seismic Field at La Trobe Art Institute. During his LAI residency, Geurts initiated a dialogue between the LAI and the dynamics of the underlying earth, examining the relationship between geophysical forms and consciousness. The works are abstract measuring propositions, exploring these forces physically and symbolically. Geurts intervenes the processes of scanning and polaroid photography as site actions, letting weather, temperature, force and the pulse of the body disrupt the form and colour field, blurring the lines between geology and technological praxis. The works investigate seismic phenomena and cultural context, amplifying perceptual and physical thresholds of what is, literally, below our feet. Image: James Geurts' Seismic Field at La Trobe Art Institute. Photograph: Ian Hill, 2017.

Thursday 07 December 10:00am

Seismic Field examines the relationship between geophysical forms and consciousness, initiating a dialogue between the La Trobe Art Institute and the dynamics of the underlying earth.

Thursday 02 November 05:30pm

Launch Event

Saturday 21 October 12:00am

Exhibition of selection of artwork from the La Trobe University Collections

Thursday 14 September 05:30pm

Art exhibition by La Trobe School of Creative Arts

Saturday 09 September 12:00am

An exhibition by La Trobe creative arts honours student, and winner of the 2016 Julie Miller Markoff Visual Arts Award, Mici Boxell.

Wednesday 09 August 10:00am

Leigh Hobbs: Cast of Characters is an exhibition celebrating the world of characters of the best-selling Australian author and artist.

Friday 07 July 12:00am

A special exhibition in Mildura, celebrating the International student course Edge of the Outback.

Saturday 24 June 12:00am

Featuring Hannah Bertram, Daniel Boyd, Deidre But-Husaim, Penny Byrne and Victoria Reichelt. LAI Gallery, 121 View Street, Bendigo.

Thursday 22 June 12:00am

A hands-on exhibition presented in conjunction with the LAI's Revealing Identity: the Collections of La Trobe University.

Tuesday 13 June 12:00am

A photomedia exhibition showcasing student work, investigating themes inherent in lens-based media that include notions of time, memory and death.

Tuesday 09 May 12:00am

In Memoriam is a series of mixed media installations examining acts of gun related violence in contemporary American society. Until 18 June, LAI Gallery, 121 View Street, Bendigo.

Tuesday 09 May 12:00am

A sculpture exhibition exploring configurations and relationships of angular forms and their ability to create perceptions of embodied energy, movement and dynamic balance. LAI Gallery, 121 View Street, Bendigo.

Tuesday 09 May 12:00am

LAI presents a selection of notable abstract artworks from the University’s FM Courtis Collection. Until 18 June 2017, LAI Gallery, 121 View Street Bendigo.