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Ustashia Pillay

Ustashia Pillay

Current student; Alumni; Student ambassador, PhD in Accounting

“Studying Accounting at La Trobe University has been a really rewarding experience.”


My name is Ustashia Pillay - I’m enrolled in a PhD in Accounting; my career goal is to work in accounting, with a focus on auditing and assurance.

Studying Accounting at La Trobe University has been a really rewarding experience, as it has opened up many opportunities for me. It was the middle point between finishing school and going on to a big and bright future career, in the study area of my choice. Throughout my time at La Trobe, I have had the opportunity to learn and develop invaluable skills, with the opportunity to study my PhD in the accounting field I am most interested. I have gained teaching experience by being a tutor, and am also a Student Ambassador.

As an Ambassador and a tutor, I am in a position to inspire new and current students, to reach their full potential at La Trobe; the way that I have.

La Trobe is not only a great place to study but also a place where you can pursue your interests, and be the difference! Teachers and staff are always helpful as they want to see you succeed. Incorporated in an environment of learning is also an atmosphere of fun and flexibility - you make friends from all disciplines and choose what and when to study.

Alex Cross

Alex Cross

Graduate, Bachelor of Accounting

“This course provides me with the ability to apply the theoretical learning in the business environment.”


My pathway to La Trobe was as a Mature-Age Entry supported by recognised prior learning. At the time of enrolment I was working as a financial planner. To obtain the ‘Certified Financial Planner’ status (CFP), the completion of a relevant degree was required; in addition I had previously undertaken units of a business degree and was keen to complete a qualification.

The course has given me a better understanding of the world I live in. I am hoping to use my studies in the area of social entrepreneurship and as a potential stepping stone to additional studies focused on economics and sustainability.

I currently work full time as a Research and Implementation Officer with the National Centre for Sustainability in Mildura. In this role, I am seeking to identify, establish and manage projects within the realm of ‘sustainability’. Areas of interest within the role include: renewable energy, carbon economy, biomass production and utilisation and community engagement and behavioural change. Skills used include financial and project management.

I enjoyed studying at Mildura because the easy access to the campus in terms of locality enabled me to have a balanced work/study life. The smaller size of tutes and lectures in terms of student numbers allowed me to have a better relationship with lecturers and fellow students. The campus engages with the broad community through sponsorship and public lectures and I established strong networks with students that will be mutually beneficial in the future.

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