Living on campus

Make the most of your time at La Trobe University by living on-campus and enjoying our residential programs and social events with new friends.

We want to make sure your time living at La Trobe is full of good times and exciting memories.

Student experience

Our student leaders and helpful staff organise a range of activities throughout the year for you to participate in. We want you to enjoy your time living on residence and these social and cultural activities are optional for all students.


The Res Life team is committed to providing an active social life for all residents and do this by providing a wide range of exciting events each month. These events range from ice skating and city to trips to the National Gallery and day trips around Victoria. They are designed to be inclusive, welcoming for people of all backgrounds, social and most of all fun!

Health & Wellbeing

Safeguarding the health and mental wellbeing of residents is a major component of the Res Life team’s role. They do this by keeping the resident’s active, as well as ensuring they have an outlet for any stress or anxiety that may build up, especially around exam period. This can be through High Intensity Impact Training classes, evening walks with friends or yoga classes, teaching them ways to look after not only their bodies, but their mind.

For more information

Please contact our helpful Living at La Trobe team.