Chief Financial Officer

The Chief Financial Officer leads the delivery of an efficient and effective Finance Division of the University.

This role is responsible for the establishment of a strong service culture in support of the core activities of La Trobe including:

  • an overall fiscal leadership and management of the University by providing strategic advice to maximise financial resources; leading and directing financial planning, strategy, policy and accountability, as well as ensuring the successful implementation and achievement of portfolio outcomes outlined in the University's Strategic Plan.
  • leading the periodic review of the University's overall financial strategy to ensure the organisation anticipates and responds to changing business conditions.
  • overseeing and ensuring leadership and management of resources strategy and initiatives to improve administrative functionality to support University objectives.
  • Direct the Finance Division and ensure that the planning, operational and implementation capacity is in place and operating effectively to deliver the required support and outcomes for the University in accordance with the University Strategic and Operational Plans.
  • Lead the provision of strong, transparent and effective financial management of University resources and growth of the University surplus, to meet the demands for the development of the University in an environment of reduced public funding and increased higher education costs.


Ms Amy Smith
Executive Assistant to CFO
Finance Division, level 3, David Myers West Building
T. +(61 3) 9479 1579