Our approach

We provide everything under one roof.

Early intervention and long day-care in a social group environment

Your child will develop important skills in a long day care program that bridges the expertise of early educators, researchers and allied health clinicians—all of whom specialise in autism, early education and care, early intervention and the Early Start Denver Model (ESDM) and child development.

Our curriculum and educational programs incorporate each child’s individual objectives and interests, supporting each child’s development in a group setting. We teach through play and daily routines. We also have a strong focus on developing positive social relationships, we support children to connect with their peers, develop social skills and form friendships.

How do we know the ESDM works?

There’s a vast range of evidence illustrating the benefits of ESDM. Studies have shown improved language and daily living skills in everyday settings.

Further research based on brain scans of children who had received ESDM compared with children who had not indicates that ESDM helps develop the part of the brain connected to social and communication skills.

For more information about the ESDM, please see our publications.

Programs tailored to each child through individualised, collaborative assessment

We work with your family to develop personalised learning goals for your child based on the ESDM, which are then integrated in a fun and friendly group setting.

By completing an individualised assessment each term in collaboration with you and your child, we build on your child’s strengths and shape learning goals in line with their development and your priorities.

Your Key Worker will meet with you each term to assess your child’s skill growth and collaboratively establish a new set of goals based on their developing interests, understanding, communication, wellbeing, social skills and friendships.