Building and floor warden registers

The building and floor warden system is intended to provide for orderly control and evacuation of buildings' occupants in an emergency.

Each building in which staff and students are located has a building warden, a deputy building warden and floor wardens (usually two per floor or zone) who will coordinate an evacuation when the alarm is sounded.

Melbourne (Bundoora) campus wardens

Agrio BioJoint Venture LTU & DPI  
Honeywell staffGrant Kennard0407917032Chief Warden
Honeywell staffJacqui Handy0429788374Deputy Chief
Honeywell staffHilton Osborn0439456588Deputy Chief
LTU staffJennifer Davis 9479 3872Floor Warden
LTU staffDominic Lauricella9032 7496Floor Warden
LTU staffNeha Sirwani9032 7427Floor Warden
LTU staffJoshua Linn9032 7494Floor Warden
LTU staffTim Cameron9032 7431Floor Warden
LTU staffChris Hocking9032 7477Floor Warden
LTU staffKirsty McCann9032 7464Floor Warden
LTU staffJuan Wang9032 7419Floor Warden
LTU staffClayton Butterfly9032 7418Floor Warden
LTU staffGary Clark9032 7417Floor Warden
LTU staffRicarda Jost9032 7408Floor Warden
LTU staffKim Plummer9032 7474Floor Warden
LTU staff Song Li9032 7441Floor Warden
LTU staffAnthony Gendall9032 7466Floor Warden
LTU staffLianna Sliwczynski Floor Warden
LTU staffRichard Browne9032 7403Floor Warden
Agora East – AE
Level 1 Tenants  
Level 2 Gail Bowen5308Floor Warden
Agora West
 Vacant Building Warden
 Vacant Deputy Warden
Level 1Tenants Floor Warden
Level 2Lisa Huntington2314Floor Warden
 Louise Newton-Keogh2976Floor Warden
Agora South
Level 1Tenants  
Level 2 Tenants  
Barnes Way/Waterdale
 Self Evacuation  
Beth Gleeson Building- SW4
 Peter Stewart2078Building Warden
 David Coman6691Deputy Building
Level 1Geoff Holt1279Floor Warden
 Demi Dallikavak1107Deputy Floor
Level 2Michele Mooney2107Floor Warden
 Rina Mariniello3761Floor Warden
 Renuka Eliezer5753Deputy Floor
Level 3Mark Gentile1121Floor Warden
 Steven Wang1986Deputy Floor
Level 4Eddie Custovic3777Floor Warden
 Robert Ross1593Deputy Floor
Hooper Lecture Theatre
 Somnath Ghosh3712Floor Warden
 Scott Mann 2202Deputy Floor
Szental Lecture Theatre
 Rina Mariniello3761Floor Warden
 Nancy Ho1053Deputy Floor
Biological Science 1 - NW3
 Tammy Esmaili2193Building Warden
 John Webb1273Deputy Building
Level 1John Webb1273Floor Warden
 Vacant Floor warden
Level 2Jan Lovett1932Floor Warden
 Julia Kirschbaum6600Deputy Floor
Level 3 Graham Lamb2249Floor Warden
 May Gu5628Floor Warden
Level 4Nick Moore1051Floor Warden
 Susan Hoebee2274Deputy Floor
Biological Science 2 - NW7
 Doug Scobie2921Building Warden
 Vacant  Deputy Building
Level 1Vacant Floor Warden
Level 2 Agnes Hazi3898Deputy Floor
 Sheeza Mohamed (P/T) N/AFloor Warden
Level 3Jon Tully2205Floor Warden
 Vacant Deputy Floor
Level 4Adele Harvey2224Floor Warden
 Vacant Deputy Floor
Children's Centre – CCR
 Jenny Reynolds2122Building Warden
 Helen Brand2122Deputy Building
 Katherine Pye2122Floor warden 
Chisholm College – CC
 Self Evacuation  
Tenanted Building  Building Warden
Level 1 Vacant1441Floor Warden
David Myers Building
 Fiona Russell3165Building Warden
 Vacant  Deputy Building
 Michelle Marcantonio1455Delegate Warden
Level 1  Livio Sikora5614Floor Warden
Level 2Tess Noone/Nikoo Ghareh3295Floor Warden
Level 3Jodee Rogers2962Floor Warden
Level 1 Olga Minchin5240Floor Warden
Level 2Sara Paradowski1143Floor Warden
Level 3 Giovanna Szalkowicz1869Floor Warden
Level 1Richard Brown6049Floor Warden
Level 2Vacant  Floor Warden
Level 3Benita Weller1579Floor Warden
Donald Whitehead Building – NE1
 Vacant  Building Warden
 Vacant  Deputy Building
Level 1Vacant Floor Warden
 Vacant  Deputy Floor
Level 2Vacant Floor Warden
 Vacant Deputy Floor
Level 3Vacant Floor Warden
 Vacant  Deputy Floor
Level 4Vacant  Floor Warden
 Vacant Deputy Floor
Education 1 – SE6
 Peter Sanders1347Building Warden
 Vacant Deputy Building
Level 1Vacant Floor Warden
Level 2Vacant  Floor Warden
Level 3 Lee Shore1868 Floor Warden
Level 4Vacant Floor Warden
Level 5Vacant Floor Warden
Education 2 – SE2
Level 1Ian Armet2050Building Warden
Level 2Mungo Jones3762Deputy Floor
 Leanne Wigmore5384Floor Warden
 Darren Britten5279Floor Warden
Level 3 Thang Duy Dao3749Floor Warden
EH2-Creative Services
 Basil Pardo6609Building Warden
 Patrick Negus5055Floor warden
 Caterina Demontis3472Building warden
 Greg Mc Naughton6838Floor warden
 Victoria Harman5609Floor warden
George Singer Building-NW8
 Mathew Marques2024Building warden
 Maryan Sweeny5936Deputy Building
Level 1Russell Beaton 2146Deputy Floor
Level 2Alex Aulich2891Floor Warden
 Karen Park1590Deputy Floor
 Lauren Fitzpatrick 2821Deputy Floor
Level 3Melinda Price3783Floor Warden
 Denise Strong5912Deputy Floor
Level 4 Vacant  Deputy Floor
Level 4 (Nursing Labs)Warwick Burnheim5924Deputy Floor
Glenn College - GC
Self -EvacuationLenin Manirajah3086Building Warden
 Nicole Deller3317Deputy Building
Graduate House-NR5, NR7
 Self Evacuation  
NR 1 Randi Brooks3828Building Warden
 Vacant  Deputy Building
 Vacant Floor Warden
NR 2Northlink  
NR 3Vacant  
NR 4Vacant  
NR 5See Graduate House  
NR 6Meifung Gu Building Warden
NR 7See Graduate House  
NR 8Vacant  
Graduate Research School (JSMH)
re-located to SS building till August 2017Lee Elms1831Building Warden
 Clare McCausland3892Floor Warden
 Lyle Matheson3640Floor Warden
Health Science 1 – NW9
Level 2Brigitte Carrucan2693Building Warden
Level 1Andrea Holman5719Deputy Warden
 Susan Chong1746Floor Warden 
Level 2 Lisa Meakin-Bowden5718Floor Warden 
 Lisa Gustowski5719Floor Warden 
 Emma Wilson (backup)5732Floor Warden
Level 3Andrea Holman5719Floor Warden
 Marcella Carragher1812Floor Warden
 Michelle ThorntonN/AFloor Warden
 Emma Wilson (backup)5732Floor Warden
Level 4Janine Standen1842Floor Warden
 Emma Ball 6095Floor Warden
 Jayne Corner Floor Warden
 Nikki Worthington6010Floor Warden
Health Sciences 2 – NW10
 Stan Flavel1987Building Warden
 Vacant Deputy Building
Level 1Sherrie Wentworth5757Floor Warden 
 Aaron McDonald5594Floor Warden 
Level 2Vacant Floor Warden
 Vacant Floor Warden
Level 3Kristina Anevska3153Floor Warden 
 Maddison JohnstoneN/A Floor Warden 
Level 4Tom Samiric3417Floor Warden 
 Chris Van Der Poel5166Floor Warden 
Level 5Samantha Nugent3933Floor Warden
 Rebecca Brown6004Floor Warden 
Health Sciences 3 – NW11
 Ketha Ledchumanasarma2719Building Warden
 Vacant Deputy Building 
Level 1 Vacant Floor Warden 
Level 2Vacant Floor Warden
Level 3 Vacant Floor Warden
Level 4Vacant Floor Warden
Level 5Vacant Floor Warden 
Health Sciences Clinic (HSC)
 Vacant Building Warden
Level 1 Stephen Hockey5747Floor Warden
 Lucy Shaw5819Floor Warden

Bendigo campus wardens

Administration Precinct & Physical Education
 Tim Hall5444 7435 / 0418 507822 Building Warden
 Leigh Healey5444 7502 / 0438 447503Deputy Building
AP3 & Physical Education
 Vacant  Floor Warden
I&0Trevor Crossley5444 7436 / 0417 158416Building Warden
CottageLorelle Clark5444 7254Floor Warden
 Mary Kidd54447584Floor Warden
Anthrozoology lab (L/S, Level 0)
Applied Science 1 Building
 Dot Andison544 7842/ 5444 7369Building Warden
 David Morton 544 7367Deputy Building
Levels 1 & 2 Wayne Woodall5441 0700Floor Warden
(Including the Basement between AS1 & AS2)Rob Filcock5441 0701Floor Warden
 Saif Md5444 7909Floor Warden
 Teagan Brown Floor Warden
Level 3 (Including  Male Toilets)Christine Loescher5444 7369Floor Warden
 Ian Swift5444 7365Floor Warden
 Sabine Wilkens5444 7370Floor Warden
 Christina Dennis5444 7537Floor Warden
Levels 4 & 5 Jodie Hill5444 7400Floor Warden
(Includes Toilets, Cold Room, Plant Room, Animal House & Chemical Bunker)Jo Cue5444 7400Floor Warden
 David Morton5444 7367Floor Warden
 Chris Kettle5444 7959Floor Warden
Applied Science 2 Building
 Jodie Lehmann5444 7285Building Warden
 Aaron Smith5444 7482Deputy Building
Level 1 Chris Milne5441 4881Floor Warden
(Including Geotechnical Testing Service)Bryan Mott5441 4881Floor Warden
 David Osborne7402/ 0409139800Floor Warden
Level 2 (Including Male Toilets on the Stairs)Katherine Legge5444 7393Floor Warden
 Aaron Smith5444 7482Floor Warden
Level 3 (Including Female Toilets on the StairsTim Godber5444 7583Floor Warden
 Barb Udale 5444 7399Floor Warden
Level 4&5  (Including Male & Female Toilets)Banita Mainali5444 7554Floor Warden
 Daniela Ionescu5444 7537Floor Warden
Library/Student Union Building (LSU)
 Bendigo Security5444 7999Building Warden
 Bendigo Security5444 7999Deputy Building
Level 0 Mail Room, Cleaners Office & Training Room)BSA5444 7514Area Warden
Campus Graphics   
Exercise Conditioning Lab & Dog Lab   
Level 1 (Security & Student Union)Jenelle Holmberg5444 7478Area Warden
 Brad Russell5444 7976Floor Warden
 Mitch Trevena5444 7518Floor Warden
 Lauren Grange 5444 7749Floor Warden
Level 2 (Library)Wendy Ratcliffe5444 7604Area Warden
 Andrea Francis5444 7815Deputy Area
 All Staff5444 7453Floor Warden
 All Staff5444 7453Floor Warden
Level 3 (Library)Tracy Robertson5444 7530Floor Warden
 Clayton Bolitho5444 7535Floor Warden
Level 2 Arts Upper & LowerVacant Area Warden
Level 3 Arts Upper & LowerVacant Floor Warden
Level 4 Arts Upper & LowerVacant Floor Warden
Business Building
 Lisa Kendall5444 7216Building Warden
 Marthin Nanere5444 7952Deputy Building
Level 1Phil Trebilcock5444 7264Floor Warden
 Tim Whitfort5444 7312Floor Warden
 Abbey Wilson 5444 7209Floor Warden
Level 2Christopher Lenard 5444 7991Floor Warden
 Kate Ashman5444 7947Floor Warden
 Simon Smith5444 7265Floor Warden
Clinical Teaching Building (CTB) Arnold Street
 David Hollingworth5448 9150Building Warden
Ground Floor (Including Carpark and Toilets)Brett Allender5448 9121Deputy Building
Level 1Kerry Crocker5448 9117Floor Warden
Level 2Tammy Miatke5448 7412Floor Warden
Level 3Shannon Morgan5448 9107Floor Warden
Dining Hall (Nancy Long)
 Larraine Atherton5444 7522Building Warden
Level 1Claire Buchanan5444 7580Deputy Building
Level 2Vacant  
Education Building
 Bendigo Security5444 7999Building Warden
 Bendigo Security5444 7999Deputy Building
Level 2Vacant Floor Warden
Level 2Vacant Floor Warden
Level 3Vacant Floor Warden
 Vacant Floor Warden
Engineering Building
 Jeff Pethybridge5444 7220Building Warden
 Robyn Gordes5444 7565Deputy Building
 Vacant5444 Floor Warden
 Vacant Floor Warden
Student Services CentreRosemary Hudson5444 7223Floor Warden
 Robyn Gordes5444 7565Floor Warden
 Melinda Keighran5444 7374Floor Warden
Medical CentreGloria Barr5444 7770Floor Warden
Graphic DesignVacant5444 Floor Warden
ICTHoward Cock5444 7524Floor Warden
 Vacant5444 7220Floor Warden
Health Sciences 1
 Tanya Jones5444 7256Building Warden
 Wayne Murdoch5444 7721Deputy Building
Level 1 (Including the McKay Lecture Theatre)Angela McGlashan5444 7296Floor Warden
 Steve Begg5444 7541Floor Warden
Level 2Trevor Fetherstonaugh5444 7023Floor Warden
 Melissa Deacon-Crouch5444 7874Floor Warden
Level 3Angela Plowman5444 7761Floor Warden
 Joanne Simons5444 7865Floor Warden
Health Sciences 2 (Rural Health School)
 Joan Harkin5444 7227Building Warden
 Natalie Morris5444 7224Deputy Building
Level 1 Frances McInally5444 7867Floor Warden 
 Stephen Cousins5444 7760Floor Warden 
Level 2Ray Gleeson5444 7697Floor Warden 
 Natalie Morris5444 7224Floor Warden 
Level 3 Indrjeet Rana 5444 7896Floor Warden 
 Brett Gordon5444 7680Floor Warden 
Ironbark Centre
 Bendigo Security5444 7999Building Warden
 Bendigo Security5444 7999Deputy Building
Level 1Vacant Area Warden
Level 2Vacant Floor Warden
Residential Services (Self Evacuation)
HillsideBendigo Security5444 7999Building Warden
Orde HouseBendigo Security5444 7999Building Warden
TerracesBendigo Security5444 7999Building Warden
Units Bendigo Security5444 7999Building Warden
VillasBendigo Security5444 7999Building Warden
Sports Centre (Feelgood Fitness)
 Bendigo Security5444 7999Building Warden
Gym Feelgood Fitness5444 8999Floor Warden
Teaching Labs Including StadiumBendigo Security5444 7999Floor Warden
Visual Arts Building
 Security5444 7428Building Warden
 Security5444 7428Deputy Building
Level 1  5444 7428Floor Warden
Level 2 (Northern Side) Security5444 7428Floor Warden
Level 2 (Southern Side including Toilets)Security5444 7428Floor Warden
Level 3Security5444 7428Floor Warden
Visual Arts Centre (121 View St - off campus)
 Vacant5441 Building Warden
 Robin Dixon5441 7272Floor Warden
All Areas Including Residential Rooms Sandra Bruce5441 7255Floor Warden
All Areas Including Residential Rooms Kent Wilson5441 7273Floor Warden
 Travis Hodgson5441 7829Floor Warden
All Areas Including Residential Rooms Karen Annett-Thomas5441 7258Floor Warden
All Areas Including Residential Rooms Melissa Scott5441 7917Floor Warden

Albury-Wodonga campus wardens

 David Faraday02 6024 9775Chief Warden
 Nick May02 6024 9618Deputy Chief
Building 3
Ground floor West endVacant Floor Warden
Ground floor West endVacant Floor Warden
Building 3A
 Vacant02 6024 9 
Building 4
Top floor West endTammy Ebert026024 9782Floor Warden
Top floor East endVacant Floor Warden
Ground floor West endAnn Kerin02 6024 9790Floor Warden
2ND Floor eastMelissa McFarlane02 6024 9847Floor Warden
Building 6 Health Sciences
Ground FloorDani Allgood 02 6024 9602Floor Warden
Ground FloorVacant/Kelly Bick02 6024 9730Floor Warden
Building 8 (LTU)
 Nick May02 6024 9618Floor Warden
 Ewen Silvester02 6024 9878Floor Warden
Building 8 (MDFRC)
 Garth Watson 02 6024 9660Floor Warden
 John Pengelly02 6024 9641Floor Warden
 Rosie Busuttil02 6024 9690Floor Warden
 Rebecca Durant02 6024 9642Floor Warden
 Julie Mahood02 6024 9734Floor Warden
 Meg Clarke02 6024 9703Floor Warden
Student Association -Wodonga TAFE (Hanger)
 Joanne Mathey02 6055 6641Floor Warden
Student Residences
 Vacant8157(speed dial)Floor Warden
 Unit Rep's0413 270 248Floor Warden

Franklin St city campus wardens

Level 1Wayne Hannan9479 8888/0417584902Building Warden
 Greg Undy9479 8772/0401500536Deputy Floor
Level 2Vacant Floor Warden
 Jen Johnson9479 8715Floor Warden
 Jack Wallace9479 8736Floor Warden
Level 3Angela Taft9479 8809Floor Warden
 Fran Spain9479 8815Floor Warden

Mildura campus wardens

Benetook AveSenior Coordinator, Campus Operations4002Chief Building Warden
 Head of Campus4009Chief Building Warden
 Finance Officer4028Chief Building Warden
 Melanie Petrie4095Communications Warden
 Hannah Files-Burke4009Warden 1
 April Castleman4028Warden 3
 Narelle Tomlinson4075Warden 4
MDFRCDavid Wood 4040MDFRC Warden 1
 Cherie Campbell4063MDFRC Warden 2
29 Deakin AveFirst available staff member Chief Building Warden
 Second available staff member Building Warden 1

Shepparton campus wardens

Administration Building
 Diane Bewicke5820 8605Chief Warden
 Iris Ambrose5820 8612Deputy Chief Warden
 Teisha McCoy5820 8637Deputy Chief Warden

Collins St city campus wardens

Level 20Vacant  Building Warden
Level 20Silvia Rossetto6797Deputy Building 
Level 20Joe Prochilo6797Floor Warden

The Bouverie Centre wardens

Rany Schnell9385 5102Building Warden
Penny Wong9385 5138Deputy Building
Tessa Petrides9385 5100Warden
Christine Neil9385 5100Warden
Alyce Smith9385 5100Warden
Alice Taylor9385 5100Warden
Brendan O'Hanlon9385 5107Warden

Alfred Clinical School wardens

Vacant  Floor Warden

Emergency assembly areas

Maps of evacuation assembly areas are also located within all building foyer areas.