Building and floor warden registers

The building and floor warden system is intended to provide for orderly control and evacuation of buildings' occupants in an emergency.

Each building in which staff and students are located has a building warden, a deputy building warden and floor wardens (usually two per floor or zone) who will coordinate an evacuation when the alarm is sounded.

Melbourne (Bundoora) campus wardens

Agrio Bio Joint Venture LTU & DPI   
Honeywell staff Grant Kennard 0407917032 Chief Warden
Honeywell staff Jacqui Handy 0429788374 Deputy Chief
Honeywell staff Hilton Osborn 0439456588 Deputy Chief
LTU staff Jennifer Davis 9479 3872 Floor Warden
LTU staff Dominic Lauricella 9032 7496 Floor Warden
LTU staff Neha Sirwani 9032 7427 Floor Warden
LTU staff Joshua Linn 9032 7494 Floor Warden
LTU staff Tim Cameron 9032 7431 Floor Warden
LTU staff Chris Hocking 9032 7477 Floor Warden
LTU staff Kirsty McCann 9032 7464 Floor Warden
LTU staff Juan Wang 9032 7419 Floor Warden
LTU staff Clayton Butterfly 9032 7418 Floor Warden
LTU staff Gary Clark 9032 7417 Floor Warden
LTU staff Ricarda Jost 9032 7408 Floor Warden
LTU staff Kim Plummer 9032 7474 Floor Warden
LTU staff Song Li 9032 7441 Floor Warden
LTU staff Anthony Gendall 9032 7466 Floor Warden
LTU staff Lianna Sliwczynski   Floor Warden
LTU staff Richard Browne 9032 7403 Floor Warden
Beth Gleeson Building- SW4
  Peter Stewart 2078 Building Warden
  David Coman 6691 Deputy Building
Level 1 Geoff Holt 1279 Floor Warden
  Demi Dallikavak 1107 Deputy Floor
Level 2 Michele Mooney 2107 Floor Warden
  Renuka Eliezer 5753 Deputy Floor
Level 3 Mark Gentile 1121 Floor Warden
  Steven Wang 1986 Deputy Floor
Level 4 Eddie Custovic 3777 Floor Warden
  Robert Ross 1593 Deputy Floor
Hooper Lecture Theatre
  Somnath Ghosh 3712 Floor Warden
  Scott Mann  2202 Deputy Floor
Szental Lecture Theatre
  Rina Mariniello 3761 Floor Warden
  Nancy Ho 1053 Deputy Floor
Biological Science 1 - NW3
  Tammy Esmaili 2193 Building Warden
  John Webb 1273 Deputy Building
Level 1 John Webb 1273 Floor Warden
  Vacant   Floor warden
Level 2 Jan Lovett 1932 Floor Warden
  Julia Kirschbaum 6600 Deputy Floor
Level 3 Graham Lamb 2249 Floor Warden
  May Gu 5628 Floor Warden
Level 4 Nick Moore 1051 Floor Warden
  Susan Hoebee 2274 Deputy Floor
Biological Science 2 - NW7
  Doug Scobie 2921 Building Warden
  Vacant    Deputy Building
Level 1 Vacant   Floor Warden
Level 2 Agnes Hazi 3898 Deputy Floor
  Sheeza Mohamed (P/T) N/A Floor Warden
Level 3 Jon Tully 2205 Floor Warden
  Vacant   Deputy Floor
Level 4 Adele Harvey 2224 Floor Warden
  Vacant   Deputy Floor
Children's Centre – CCR
  Jenny Reynolds 2122 Building Warden
  Helen Brand 2122 Deputy Building
  Katherine Pye 2122 Floor warden 
David Myers Building
  Fiona Russell 3165 Building Warden
 Gilma Rigo3383 Deputy Building
Level 1  Livio Sikora 5614 Floor Warden
 Dave Plant5614Floor Warden
Level 2 Sarah Touati3579 Floor Warden
Level 3 Jodee Rogers 2962 Floor Warden
 Grant Powers5315Floor Warden
Level 1  Olga Minchin 5240 Floor Warden
Level 2Ellen Munro 1144Floor Warden
 Elizabeth Torney1144Floor Warden
  Sara Paradowski 1008 Floor Warden
Level 3  Giovanna Szalkowicz 1869 Floor Warden
Level 1 Matt Brett1327 Floor Warden
Level 2 Vacant   Floor Warden
Level 3 Benita Weller 1579 Floor Warden
Donald Whitehead Building – NE1
 Pam Kappelides3899 Building Warden
  Vacant    Deputy Building
Level 1 Lisa Murphy2014 Floor Warden
 Quin Nguyen6079 Deputy Floor
Level 2 Kylie White6817 Floor Warden
  Julio Mancuso 2313 Deputy Floor
Level 3 Vacant   Floor Warden
  Vacant   Deputy Floor
Level 4 Sally McGregor1711 Floor Warden
 Allicia Lennen2036 Deputy Floor
Education 1 – SE6
  Peter Sanders 1347 Building Warden
 Security2222 Deputy Building
Level 1 Ishaq Bhatti2715 Floor Warden
Level 2 Ishaq Bhatti2715 Floor Warden
Level 3 Lee Shore 1868 Floor Warden
Level 4 Emily Hann3426 Floor Warden
Level 5 Howard Nicholas2744 Floor Warden
Education 2 – SE2
Level 1 Ian Armet 2050 Building Warden
Level 2 Mungo Jones 3762 Deputy Floor
  Leanne Wigmore 5384 Floor Warden
  Darren Britten 5279 Floor Warden
Level 3 Thang Duy Dao 3749 Floor Warden
EH2-Creative Services
  Basil Pardo 6609 Building Warden
  Patrick Negus 5055 Floor warden
  Caterina Demontis 3472 Building warden
  Greg Mc Naughton 6838 Floor warden
  Victoria Harman 5609 Floor warden
George Singer Building-NW8
  Mathew Marques 2024 Building warden
  Maryan Sweeney 5936 Deputy Building
Level 1 Russell Beaton  2146 Deputy Floor
Level 2 Alex Aulich 2891 Floor Warden
  Karen Park 1590 Deputy Floor
  Lauren Fitzpatrick 2821 Deputy Floor
Level 3 Melinda Price 3783 Floor Warden
  Denise Strong 5912 Deputy Floor
Level 4  Susan Paxton 1736 Deputy Floor
Level 4 (Nursing Labs) Warwick Burnheim 5924 Deputy Floor
Graduate House-NR5, NR7
  Self Evacuation   
NR 1 Randi Brooks 3828 Building Warden
  Vacant   Deputy Building
  Vacant   Floor Warden
NR 2 Northlink   
NR 3 Vacant   
NR 4 Vacant   
NR 5 See Graduate House   
NR 6 Meifung Gu   Building Warden
NR 7 See Graduate House   
NR 8 Vacant   
Graduate Research School (JSMH)
 Vacant  Building Warden
  Clare McCausland 3892 Floor Warden
  Lyle Matheson 3640 Floor Warden
Health Science 1 – NW9
Level 2 Brigitte Carrucan 2693 Building Warden
Level 1 Lyn Walker 1306 Deputy Warden
  Susan Chong 1746 Floor Warden 
Level 2 Lisa Meakin-Bowden 5718 Floor Warden 
  Lisa Gustowski 5719 Floor Warden 
  Emma Wilson (backup) 5732 Floor Warden
Level 3 Andrea Holman 5719 Floor Warden
  Marcella Carragher 1812 Floor Warden
  Michelle Thornton N/A Floor Warden
  Emma Wilson (backup) 5732 Floor Warden
Level 4 Janine Standen 1842 Floor Warden
  Emma Ball 6095 Floor Warden
  Jayne Corner   Floor Warden
  Nikki Worthington 6010 Floor Warden
Health Sciences 2 – NW10
  Stan Flavel 1987 Building Warden
  Vacant   Deputy Building
Level 1 Sherrie Wentworth 5757 Floor Warden 
  Aaron McDonald 5594 Floor Warden 
Level 2 Vacant   Floor Warden
  Vacant   Floor Warden
Level 3 Kristina Anevska 3153 Floor Warden 
  Maddison Johnstone   Floor Warden 
Level 4 Tom Samiric 3417 Floor Warden 
  Chris Van Der Poel 5166 Floor Warden 
Level 5 Samantha Nugent 3933 Floor Warden
  Rebecca Brown 6004 Floor Warden 
Health Sciences 3 – NW11
  Ketha Ledchumanasarma 2719 Building Warden
  Vacant   Deputy Building 
Level 1  Vacant   Floor Warden 
Level 2 Vacant   Floor Warden
Level 3  Vacant   Floor Warden
Level 4 Vacant   Floor Warden
Level 5 Vacant   Floor Warden 
Health Sciences Clinic (HSC)
 Helen Dixon5831 Building Warden
Level 1 Lucy Shaw 5819 Floor Warden
Humanities 2 – SE4
 Geraldine Doherty2018 Building Warden
 Maria Pavlovski5207 Deputy Building
Level 1 Eileen Poumpoulidis 5960 Floor Warden
  Vacant   Floor Warden
Level 2 Jane Rowe 1673 Floor Warden
Level 3 Loretta Calverly 2342 Floor Warden
  Amanda Clayton 2355 Deputy Floor
Level 4 Gavin McLean 6765 Floor Warden
  Vacant   Floor Warden
Level 5 Christine Burns 2390 Floor Warden
  Vacant   Floor Warden
Humanities 3 – SE1
 Maria Pavlovski5207 Building Warden
 Geraldine Doherty2018 Deputy Building
Level 1  Sarah Drew 5861 Floor Warden
Level 2  James Cannon 5211 Floor Warden
  Gregoria Manzin 2422 Floor Warden
  Rhiannon Evans 1856 Floor Warden
  Tonya Stebbins 6058 Floor Warden
Level 3 Justina Cardozo 6819 Floor Warden
Level 4 Margaret Laughton 6622 Floor Warden
I&O - CS1, Wildlife Sanctuary - CS2 & Landscaping -CS3
Level 1 Megan Giammarco 2118 Building Warden
Level 2 Anthony Theunissen 2285 Floor Warden
  Donna Burton 5442 Floor Warden
  Craig Appleton 1522 Floor Warden
CS2-Wildlife Sanctuary Michael Cincotta 2871 Building Warden
  George Paras 2071 Deputy Building
located in CS2 but also evacuates CS3 Carlo Buratto 1693 Floor Warden
La Trobe Animal Research & Teaching Facility
CAH/ Sheree Brown 3875 Building Warden
SPF Jenny Davis 3872 Floor Warden
  Kadir Batak 3410/3437 Floor Warden
Washroom Joshua Brown-Lowe 5567 Floor Warden
Glass Houses & CAH Vacant    Floor Warden
CAH Jayne Vella 3410/3437 Floor Warden
CAH Steph Green 3445 Floor Warden
External Areas Agriculture Reserve & Zoology Reserve  Vacant   Floor  Warden
Library - L
  Andrew Tuft 2805 Building Warden
  Kevin Alexopoulos 2929 Deputy Building
LIMS 1 Building
  Christopher Adda 1157/2271 Building Warden
  Fung Lay 2211/2271 Deputy Building
Level 1 Pierre Faou 2402 Floor Warden
  Monica Ivanyi 3635 Floor Warden
Level 2 Sue Mullins 5040 Floor Warden
  Vicki Paras  2208 Floor Warden
Level 3 Graham Bratspies  2511 Floor Warden
  Margarita Bakalova 2561 Floor Warden
Level 4 Amelia Johnston 3927/6583 Floor Warden
  Laura Jenkinson  6583 Floor Warden
  David Greening 5031 Floor Warden
Level 5  Fung Lay 2211/2271 Floor Warden
  Hendrika Duivenvoorden 2480 Floor Warden
Level 6 Peter Barnard 2516 Floor Warden
  Mihwa Lee 2883 Floor Warden
  Adam Mechler 2524 Floor Warden
  Michael Imsic (Floater) 407525739 Floor Warden
LIMS 2 Building (previously - PS4)
  Ross Weston  3926 Building Warden
  Bernadine Lu 1158 Deputy Building
Level 1 Jeff Yeoman 5425 Floor Warden
  Kylie White 5425 Floor Warden
Level 2 Kevin Lim 1158 Floor Warden
  Rahul Srivastava 3150 Floor Warden
Level 3 Jackie Orian 1113 Floor Warden
  vacant   Floor Warden
Level 4 James McKenna 3521 Floor Warden
  Michael Ugarenko 1182 Floor Warden
Martin Building – NE4
 Shaun Martin5059 Building Warden
  Vacant   Deputy Building 
Level 1 Ming Wei 3076 Floor Warden
  Paul Penzo-Kajewski 2790 Floor Warden
Level 2  Vacant  Floor Warden
  Lisa Egan 2720 Floor Warden
Level 3 Vacant   Floor Warden
  Vacant   Floor Warden
Level 4 Vacant   Floor Warden
  Vacant   Floor Warden
Melbourne City Football Club (OS3)
  Mark Thomas04244552219 Building Warden
  Chloe Wakeling   Warden
  Luke Wyman   Warden
  Callum Muirhead   Warden
  Adam Boyce 5308 Building Warden
  Kevin Hoon 1791 Floor warden
  Jacqui Marks 6863 Floor warden
Peribolos East – PE
  Simon Hall 2100 Building Warden
 Vacant  Deputy Warden
Level 1 Susan Martin 1205 Floor Warden
Level 2 Keith Storace 2958 Floor Warden
Peribolos West – PW
Level 2 Vacant   Building Warden
 Vacant  Deputy Building
Level 1 Ron Brandse 2933 Floor Warden
  Vacant   Floor Warden
Physical Sciences 1 – SW1
  Eric Huwald 2654 Building Warden
  Robert Polglase 2648 Deputy Building
Level 1 Rob Jones 2646 Floor Warden
  Habib Rahman 2656 Deputy Floor
Level 2 Heather Kavanagh 5605 Floor Warden
  Kym Pallot 1905 Floor Warden
Level 3 Phil Pawlowski 2658 Floor Warden
  Chanh Tran  2632 Deputy Floor
Level 4 Grant Van Riessen 2642 Deputy Floor
  David Hoxley 5175 Floor Warden
Physical Sciences 2 – SW2
  David Farchione  2091 Building Warden
  Marcel Jackson 1570 Deputy Building
Level 1 Hossam Abuel-Naga 1181 Deputy Floor
  Tai Thai 3721 Deputy Floor
Level 2 Mitra Jazayeri 3665 Floor Warden
  Agus Salim 1466 Deputy Floor
Level 3 Narwin Perkal 2592 Floor Warden
  Peter Van Der Kamp 1614 Deputy Floor 
(Physical Sciences 3 – NW1) TLC
Self -Evacuation    
  Brad East 2510 Floor Warden
  Jee Too Tan 3159 Floor Warden
  Vacant Estate (No staff)   
RL Reid Building
  Sui Lay 1114 Building Warden
  Jon Tully 2205 Deputy Building
Level 1 Larry Liversage 1202 Floor Warden
  Chunya Zhu   Floor Warden
Level 2 Reg Seyit 5775 Floor Warden
  Jon Tully 2205 Floor Warden
Level 3 Henry Diep 5816 Floor Warden
  Vacant   Floor Warden
Level 4 Keaton Crosse 0488107297 Floor Warden
  Ebony Monson  Floor Warden
Sport Centre – ISC
  Andrew Tomlinson 3960 Deputy Building
  Brian Razbocan  5455 Floor Warden
  Reception Staff 2973 Floor Warden
  Gymnasium Staff 3844 Deputy Floor
Social Sciences – NE2
Self Evacuation Vacant  Building Warden
  Vacant   Deputy Building
level 1Linda Serrao1165 Floor Warden
level 2Vacant  Floor Warden
level 3Nicholas Herriman2120 Floor Warden
level 4Wendy Mee1703 Floor Warden
Sylvia Walton Building
  Lachlan McKinnon 1439 Building Warden 
  Christine Moore 5087 Deputy Building
Level 1 Alyce Hogg5334 Floor Warden
  Justin Brasier 3052 Floor Warden
Level 2 Jennifer Holmes 5469 Floor Warden
  Bert Jackson 5822 Floor Warden
  Mark Lauder 5822 Floor Warden
Level 3 Dolly Kaher 5863