SRC President 2019 - Mohamed Moosa

Student Representative Council

La Trobe University Sydney Campus has its own Student Representative Council (SRC) which acts as a voice for all students. The SRC is voted in by fellow students each year and is tasked with enhancing the student experience on campus.

The SRC coordinates events, excursions and activities through-out the year and run a Social Club to help students make friends, explore the city and get the most out of their education experience at La Trobe.

Students will be introduced to the SRC during Orientation and are encouraged to submit requests for events and ideas for improving the campus. The SRC meets on the third Monday of each month outside the lecture theatre and students are encouraged to attend. Students can also get in contact with the SRC via email.

SRC President 2019 – Mohamed Moosa

My experience at La Trobe University Sydney Campus has been notable in many ways.  As a Bachelor of Accounting student, gaining practical knowledge in class has been fantastic and prepared me well for life outside University. There is no doubt that La Trobe University Sydney Campus offers a gateway from studying to working in a professional environment.

Student life is great at our Sydney campus. It’s a close-knit community and there are always familiar faces to say hi to. Every day I make new friends, immerse myself in new cultures and learn new languages!

I’ve learned a lot by joining the Student Represent Council (SRC). As SRC President for 2019, I want to be comprehensive in addressing issues that may arise on campus, champion new ideas for social clubs and lead the SRC team for 2019 with humility and resilience.