Daim Zaidi SRC President 2017

Student Representative Council

La Trobe University Sydney Campus has its own Student Representative Council (SRC) which acts as a voice for all students. The SRC is voted in by fellow students each year and is tasked with enhancing the student experience on campus.

The SRC coordinates events, excursions and activities through-out the year and run a Social Club to help students make friends, explore the city and get the most out of their education experience at La Trobe.

Students will be introduced to the SRC during Orientation and are encouraged to submit requests for events and ideas for improving the campus. The SRC meets on the third Monday of each month outside the lecture theatre and students are encouraged to attend. Students can also get in contact with the SRC via

SRC President 2017 - Daim Zaidi

In my first semester, I didn’t know anyone on campus. I heard about an end of semester cruise party, organised by the SRC and went and met some of the other members. I joined more of the events and it really made me feel like I was part of a community at the Sydney Campus – almost like a family.  I applied to join the SRC and everyone was really encouraging – so much that I became SRC President in 2017.

I’ve been involved in semester parties, sports activities - cricket and foosball comps, we’ve also helped to organise a student talent show and created a Social Club for all students to get involved in the campus community and plan things with other Social Club members.

New students are always welcome to bring their skills, energy and enthusiasm which helps create a vibrant campus community. By joining the SRC you get to experience the Sydney Campus in a different way - meeting lots of new people and gaining support in all aspects of university life. Sharing ideas for events and helping organise them, leads to new experiences and helps you become part of this beautiful community.

I would encourage all students to join the SRC to get the most out of your time at the Sydney Campus, develop your skills and make lasting friendships.