Case studies

Sustainability issues are tackled by La Trobe through the design of our curriculum the focus of our research, the environment we live in and the careers we inspire. We do this in a number of ways, please visit our sustainability case studies and learn how the University is beginning to provide solutions for these issues.

Cogeneration plant

Installed in 1993, the cogeneration plant was introduced to cut energy costs, demonstrate a commitment to the environment and have a back-up power supply to reduce the effects of power outages.

Shepparton campus

In December 2010 La Trobe opened its new $10.9 million dollar Shepparton campus which aims to improve engagement with local communities and increase participation in higher education in regional Victoria.

Climate, sustainability and society

The Climate, Sustainability and Society subject aims to engage local communities on the issue of climate change and sustainability.

Fair Trade

La Trobe University was awarded Fair Trade accreditation by the Fair Trade Association of Australia and New Zealand signifying the University’s sense of corporate responsibility.

Zero emission house

The Zero Carbon Emission House project aims to provide Australian families with affordable and sustainable homes.

Indigenous employment

La Trobe University is committed to creating an additional 35 long term sustainable employment opportunities for Indigenous Australians.