Biomedical Science (Medical) Rurality

In order to be considered for the multiple mini interviews (MMI) that are conducted as part of the course selection process for the Bachelor of Biomedical Science (Medical), you are required to provide the following in support of your application:

  1. Your personal details
  2. Evidence of your rural status
  3. A personal statement in support of your application
  4. Academic transcript (non-year 12 applicants with tertiary study).

If you are applying as a current year 12 student you need to complete sections 1 to 3.

If you are a non-year 12 applicant applying on the basis of your previous year 12 results, you need to complete sections 1 to 3.

If you are a non-year 12 applicant with one or more years of university studies you need to complete all 4 sections.

Before you begin your application

Please make sure:

  • You have already completed an application through VTAC or UAC for the Bachelor of Biomedical Science (Medical), and
  • You have all your details and required evidence close to hand. For example, your VTAC/UAC application ID, documents to support your regional background, and details about your educational history (non-year 12 applicants only).

It is your responsibility to ensure that you complete your application accurately, that you answer all relevant questions and provide the required information. If you provide incorrect information or omit information such as current and previous studies, you may jeopardise your chance of receiving an offer for an interview or an offer for the course, or the offer you receive may be withdrawn.

Applications for 2023 intake are closed.