Apply to transfer to Master of Engineering by research

As a current Engineering PGCW student at La Trobe, you have an opportunity to conduct an in-depth investigation into a topic of your choice by transferring into the newly revised Master of Engineering by research degree.

  • you will have the opportunity to strengthen your analytical skills and gain insights in your chosen field of study, which will position you well for senior roles in the tech industry, consulting firms, and beyond
  • as a graduate research candidate, you will benefit from the full suite of research development opportunities offered by the Graduate Research School’s Research Education and Development (RED) program
  • you may transfer directly into the Masters by research degree at the 6-month mark and be in a position to graduate with a globally recognised Masters degree in around 12-18 months
  • with a Masters by research degree you will have a competitive edge if you decide later to apply for a doctoral degree.

If you would like to transfer into the Master of Engineering research degree, you will have to:

  • Identify a supervisor: Before you apply for graduate research candidature you must identify a potential supervisor and receive in-principle approval for your research project. You can search for a suitable supervisor by browsing the research and training scholars at La Trobe or by submitting a supervisor enquiry with details on your intended area of research and research project and your academic background.
  • Gather your documents: Complete the application to transfer form with your supervisor and prepare a preliminary research proposal of no more than 300 words (if you need assistance, use our Guide to Writing a Research Proposal).
  • Submit both documents via by 6 July 2020.
  • Please note: Candidature offers will be conditional on your school’s support and on completing your 1st semester in your current Masters with a Weighted Average Mean of 70 or above.

Offers of candidature will be sent from 27 July 2020. If you are successful, the Graduate Research School will enrol you in the Master of Engineering effective from 10 August 2020 and provided with 18 months to complete your Masters thesis.

Please be aware that once you have made the transfer to the Master of Engineering by research you will be withdrawn from your current degree.

To apply please use the relevant PGCW to Master transfer form:

The transfer process is outlined below:


Monday 6 July

Applications to transfer due at (student and supervisor sections completed) – student to submit.

Monday 27 July

Candidature offers sent out

Wednesday 5 August

Acceptances due at

10 August

Enrolment into Masters processed for 10 August commencement

10 August

Transfer students commence in the Masters


Withdrawn from PGCW degree