Other pathways

To reach your career destination, there are many different pathways you can take through a variety of training and educational options.

At La Trobe University, we recognise there are many reasons that impact your educational decisions.

You have the option of studying a pathway course at La Trobe College Australia, as well as many VET and TAFE partners, and using it as a stepping stone to get into a Bachelor’s degree at La Trobe University. For many of these pathways, you can receive advanced standing (credit) for the learning you’ve already completed.

We can also offer guaranteed entry or direct entry into many of our courses.

If you’re an international applicant, you may be able to study these pathway courses in your home country and use it towards a La Trobe degree.

La Trobe’s pathway college

With La Trobe College Australia you can study on campus in Melbourne or Sydney and gain guaranteed entry into a range of Bachelor's degrees, as long as you meet the minimum grade requirements. With a range of 8 or 12-month diplomas which are equivalent to first year at La Trobe, you can go direct to second year of more than 25 La Trobe University Bachelor’s degrees in Melbourne or all business and IT degrees offered at the Sydney Campus.

Three intakes each year gives you greater flexibility when starting your diploma, while small class sizes and access to extra out-of-class support services will help you feel supported throughout your studies.

VET or TAFE pathways

There are many benefits from studying at a VET provider before studying a Higher Education Bachelor’s degree. You’ll have two learning experiences, potentially increase your employability and hold two qualifications.

By completing a course at one of our partners as well as our approved pathway degree, you’ll hold two qualifications. By having a qualification from both your VET or TAFE course and the La Trobe University Degree, you’ll be boosting your resume and employability by showing potential employers that you have experience in both practical learning (TAFE or VET) and theoretical learning (La Trobe University).

We recognise the value of previous study and can generally offer you advanced standing (credit) if you've completed a TAFE course or diploma at another institution. If you complete one of our approved pathways, we can map out what credit you’d receive for the studies you’re completing at the VET or TAFE provider. Many of our pathways have eight subjects pre-approved as credit, so you won’t need to complete these subjects and will avoid their associated fees.

Transitioning from school to university is not a path that works for everyone. Some people prefer to study at a local TAFE or VET provider near home before going into University. Learning styles and teaching environments differ within the education sector, and for some the smaller classroom-like teaching available at many VET and TAFE providers is a nice transition post school.

Most of our Bachelor’s Degrees are available part time. Once you’ve completed your VET or TAFE course, you may be able to use your qualification to gain employment and then work and study part time.

Through some of our regional partners, we’re able to offer conditional offers to students completing participating courses. If you’d like more information, please complete the conditional offer registration form

For up-to-date information, please contact our Future Students Centre on 1300 135 045.

How to apply

Check with our partner institutions on how to apply for the VET component of your chosen pathway. You'll usually complete this process via VTAC.

Once you've enrolled at TAFE, you can apply directly to La Trobe University or through VTAC for the degree aspect of your pathway.