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Jen Wiltshire

Course of study:
Doctor of Philosophy (Applied Environmental Microbiology)

I have a passion for the development of sustainable practices, the environment and all things plants. My current research investigates rhizosphere microbes as a potential direction for optimising phytoremediation. Phytoremediation is a process that utilises plants, with the unique ability to accumulate heavy metals in their above ground tissues, as a mechanism for the removal of heavy metal contaminants from the environment.

I have found the support available to me from teaching and academic staff to be invaluable; many of them have had a major impact on how I approach my studies and also my life. Additionally, our campus is uniquely relaxing and tranquil and it makes for an exceptional learning environment.

Cadetship placements through the careers department, and work experience in the University laboratories have been both exciting and rewarding. They have enabled me to build my skill-set and have been integral in assisting decisions regarding my future career paths.