Management of WWCC

Working with Children

Supporting the University's commitment to creating and maintaining a child safe organisation, the University's Working with Children Policy, requires employees and non-staff, including third parties, to obtain a current valid Working with Children Check (WWC Check) or such equivalent, even if the work, activity or service involved does not relate to children. There is a provision for granting exemption from holding a current and valid WWC Check however there are strict conditions associated with the exemption. Further information is available at Exemption from Working with Children Check page. Should you wish to apply for an exemption please speak with your La Trobe contact prior to submitting the request.

The onboarding of staff will be managed directly by Human Resources.

The onboarding non-staff is summarised in the table below.

La Trobe University Staff and Business Units who are required to engaged a third party can access more information on internal processes (including with respect to registration) via the intranet.

It is recommended that arrangements for WWC Check be completed as soon as possible to minimise the delay in onboarding of your organisation or your employee.

Engagement with the University will not commence until the University is satisfy that the individual's WWC Check has been approved.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is considered a non-staff under the University's WWC Policy?

Anyone who has some form of engagement with the University apart from staff or visitors

The term non-staff collectively refers to the following types of engagements:

  • Contractor (including Directly appointed contractor)
  • Sub-Contractor
  • Agency staff
  • Volunteer
  • Tenant
  • Council member^
  • Students representing the University (e.g. Student leaders, ambassadors etc)
  • Research partner
  • Teaching partner

^ Not otherwise engaged as Staff.

Who is required to hold a WWC Check for Third Party Teaching and Research Project?

Third party Teaching

All domestic partners delivering La Trobe University undergraduate program are required to have their staff (includes contractors, subcontractors and agents) who have direct intentional interaction with La Trobe undergraduate students to hold a WWC Check.

Domestic partners teaching only postgraduate program are exempt from the requirement to have their staff hold a WWC Check unless the program involves Child Related Activities.

* Intentional interaction is defined as interaction that is planned or premeditated.

Research Partner

WWC Check is required for research partners/collaborators where:

  • the research project is led (or sub-contracted to be lead) by La Trobe University, and
  • involves Child Related Activities.

The leader of the research project is responsible for ensuring the project and its participants/collaborators are compliant.

Which WWC Check is appropriate for me?

There are two types of WWCC checks available

  1. Volunteer WWC Check. Can only be use for engagement that is not for profit or gain (material or otherwise).
  2. Employee WWC Check. Valid for both paid and volunteer work.

Note: It is an offence under the Worker Screening Act 2020 [DOC 168KB] to use Volunteer WWC Check for paid work.

How do I comply with the University's WWC Policy (Non-staff only)

  • Have an appropriate, current, and valid WWC Check in place prior to commencing your engagement with the University.
  • Carry your WWC Check Card at all times when attending the campus.
  • Ensure your WWC Check information with the Department of Justice and Community Safety (DoJCS)  is correct.
  • Provide WWC Check information to the relevant business unit (if required, see Summary Table below).
  • Maintain your own WWC Check Registry (if required, see Summary Table below)
  • Notify La Trobe as soon as possible if there is a change in the status of your WWC Check (no later than 7 days of a Notice being issued by DoJCS).
  • Present your WWC Check card as proof of your compliance if requested (as part of the University's compliance monitoring process).

What should I put in the "Organisational Details" section for my WWC Check online form?


Use the name of the School/Department/Business Unit/Area in which they are a volunteer and append that with La Trobe University.

For example, a volunteer for La Trobe International:
Organisation name: La Trobe International - La Trobe University
Postal Address: Plenty Road and Kingsbury Drive, Bundoora VIC 3086
Phone: 0394791199 (no space).

If you are engaged in multiple capacities with the University, each engagement should appear as a separate entry in your application in the MyCheck portal.

Once your engagement with the University is completed. You should delete La Trobe University from your WWC Check.

Third party partners, research partners, contractors, sub-contractors and agents

Contractors* and other third parties should list their employer details in the Organisation Details section of their WWC Check online form.

*Sole Traders do not use La Trobe University in your Organisation Details, you should list your own business details.


CONAGOTH will require the individual to have both their Employer details and La Trobe University in their Organisation Details section of their WWC Check online form. For La Trobe University, use:

Organisation name: La Trobe University - HR Assist
Postal Address: Plenty Road and Kingsbury Drive, Bundoora VIC 3086
Phone: 0394791234 (no space).

Who do I need to provide my WWC Check information or form to?

The individual or the manager of the business unit who engages you is responsible for collecting and processing your WWC Check.

Where can I get more information on La Trobe and the WWC Check?

The individual or the manager of the business unit who engages you is responsible for providing you with the information and forms you need. All queries should be directed to these individuals in the first instance.

Summary of non-staff WWC Check requirements

CategoryOrganisation Detail used for WWC CheckRecord keeping responsibilityOnboarding and ongoing compliance
Contractor (includes sole trader, sub-contractor, agency, tenant)Employer contact details
(not La Trobe University)
Contractor must maintain their own company's employee WWCC register

Complete and return WWC Declaration Form to LTU Business Unit. The WWC Declaration Form is valid for 3 years. Contractor have the option of resubmitting the WWC Declaration Form while it remains valid.

Some areas will require non-staff to present their WWC Check card/information as part of their onboarding process.

Maintain a register of employee (and contractor) WWC Check information.


Employer contact details and

La Trobe University - HR Assist

CONAGOTH's employer and

La Trobe University - HR

Onboarding will be dependent on the category of non-staff.

All CONAGOTH will be required to provide their WWC Check information to La Trobe HR as part of their account creation process.

VolunteersRelevant La Trobe Business Unit contact detailsLa Trobe University's Business Unit Third Party WWCC RegisterProvide La Trobe Business Unit with your WWC Check information prior to commencing engagement with the University.
Council membersLa Trobe University - HR AssistLa Trobe University - HRProvide WWC Check information to La Trobe HR.
Students representing the UniversityVariableVariableOnboarding will be dependent on the type of engagement.
Third Party Teaching PartnerEmployer contact details
(not La Trobe University)
Third Party must maintain their own company's employee WWCC register

Provide the relevant La Trobe Academic Program Director with the WWC Check information of staff who are required to hold a WWCC.

Provide evidence to demonstrate the organisation has suitable framework for ensuring Child Safety in place (in the form of Policy and Procedures).

Maintain a register of employee (and contractor) WWC Check information.

Research PartnerEmployer contact details
(not La Trobe University)
La Trobe Chief/Principal Investigator with La Trobe University Human Ethics Team

When La Trobe is the lead HREC, WWC Check information should be provided to the La Trobe Lead Researcher who is responsible for forwarding the information to Human Ethics Team. Tracking and managing WWC Check information is the responsibility of the La Trobe Chief/Principal Investigator.

The La Trobe Chief/Principal investigator is responsible for notifying the Human Ethics Team of changes in the composition of the research team and changes in team members' WWC Check status.

Operations outside of Australian legal jurisdiction--Operations outside of Australian legal jurisdiction are excluded from the University's requirement for a WWC Check.

Privacy collection notice

La Trobe respects the privacy of your personal information. The information we are collecting is for the purpose of managing compliance with the University Working with Children Policy, applicable Working with Children legislation and the Child Wellbeing and Safety Act 2005 (VIC). We will only use your information for this purpose. If your personal information is not provided to us then you will not be able to commence your engagement with the University. You may have the right to access the personal information we hold about you subject to any exemptions in relevant laws, by contacting us at