Swimming pool

Our heated swimming pool is a great place for students, staff and the wider community to train, relax and enjoy.

You can swim with confidence knowing that our friendly lifeguard team is always on the pool deck to assist with any water safety concerns.

Every day, we host a range of activities including:

  • adults and children's learn to swim lessons
  • swim club training sessions
  • water safety programs
  • kayaking and more.

Our swimming facilities include:

  • a heated indoor 25-metre pool
  • 5 lap lanes (see lap lane availability)
  • a tarzan rope (for use via booking only)
  • a deep-water pit
  • an aquatics change facilities
  • lockers for hire
  • a range of equipment such as:
    • running belts
    • pool boys
    • kickboards and much more
  • an outdoor grassed area.

Lap Lane Availability

Check the availability of our Indoor Sports Centre pool lap lanes via Sport Online. Please note: a play/general purpose lane will be made available Monday - Friday 12pm - 4pm, in addition to the lap lanes listed as available.

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Watch Around Water Program

In line with our most recent admission into Lifesaving Victoria’s Platinum Pool Program, La Trobe Sport is excited to further showcase our commitment to safety by joining the Watch Around Water Program.

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Watch Around Water - FAQs

When ‘within arm’s reach’ conditions exist, parents/guardians must enter the water with their child and be ready to rescue their own child should they come into difficulty. Unlike many modern leisure facilities that have a dedicated learn to swim and/or toddler pool, our facility is older and deeper (0.95m is the shallowest point). For this reason, we require you to be in the water with your child and within arm’s reach.

This term has been used for many years in relation to toddler supervision when in or around water. While this does not literally mean that a parent/guardian must be always an arm’s length away from a young child, it refers to them being able to respond and react immediately should something happen to the child. This still allows children to swim and play but ensures that parents are actively supervising and able to intervene if the young child gets into trouble.

For the reasons outlined above, if your religious and/or cultural beliefs prohibit you from entering the water, you will need to be accompanied by another adult who can suitably take on this responsibility.

If you are uncomfortable or unable to enter the water due to cultural and/or religious beliefs, and therefore unable to assist in ensuring the safety of your child or yourself, you will need to be accompanied by an adult who can confidently take on this responsibility on your behalf.

Active supervision is about constantly watching and always having a clear view of your child. This includes; ensuring your mobile phone is away, refraining from reading books or looking at electronic devices, and removing headphones/ear pods. These items can compromise your ability to react and respond in the event of an emergency. Remember, it only takes 20 seconds for a child to drown, so an incident may easily occur during a short lapse in supervision.

In all swimming lessons, parents are still expected to comply with Watch Around Water. This includes ‘active’ supervision of their children under 10 years of age, including all requirements of uncompromised supervision.

Yes, any children under 10 years old must be actively supervised when entering pool deck. We require all swim coaches to present themselves to reception prior to their booking, after which reception staff can safely send children through.

It is important to understand that active supervision is about constantly watching and always having a clear view of your child. Remember, it only takes 20 seconds for a child to drown, so an incident may easily occur during a short lapse in supervision including if you or your child enters the changerooms.

If you are not comfortable in bringing your child or the child is not comfortable going into the opposite sex change room, we suggest utilising the Family/Group changeroom located on pool deck where you will be able to take all children.

Watch Around Water is an initiative focussing on the safety of your child in an aquatic environment, regardless of their swimming ability. If a child’s safety is compromised whilst in the pool, a parent or guardian within close reach can act immediately, therefore reducing the time for intervention and/our further complications.

Whilst young children may be competent and confident swimmers, they can fatigue quickly, particularly in situations where their ability may be compromised (such as being in deep water, or in the middle of the pool). In these situations, it can become difficult for children to return to the edge of the pool, resulting in a panicked response and potential for a major incident to occur.

The role of the pool lifeguard is to supervise the entire aquatic facility and may not have their eyes on your child at all times, particularly during peak times. Therefore, it is important that parents/guardians are supporting the lifeguard to provide direct and constant supervision to the children in their care. It only takes 20 seconds for a child to drown.

So we can easily identify those under active supervision, if your child is under 5 the parent/guardian must also wear a pink wristband to indicate the child they are supervising. If your child is under 10 the parent/guardian must also wear a yellow wristband to indicate the child they are supervising.

In recognition of its outstanding commitment to safety, La Trobe University’s Indoor Sports Centre has been awarded a gold endorsement from Life Saving Victoria (LSV) after its most recent pool safety assessment.

PassPublicLTU CommunityLTU Student
Direct Debit (Per Fortnight)$20.00$18.00$15.00

Our Pool membership includes:

  • pool access
  • locker hire.

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PassPublicLTU CommunityLTU Student
Per Visit$6.00$5.50$5.00
12 Visit Pass$60.00$55.00$50.00


Per Visit$5.00
12 Visit Pass$50.00

Please note:

  • casual entry at our student price will be offered to:
    • children under 10
    • aged pensioners
    • senior cardholders
  • all 12 visit passes are only valid for 12 months from the date of purchase.

* For events requiring specific booking of pool areas or the entire pool

 PublicLTU CommunityLTU Student
Pool Lane$33.00$28.00$24.00
Deep Water Pit$47.00$40.00$35.00
Entire Pool$204.00$173.00$153.00
Pool Meeting Room$32.00$27.00$24.00
Pool Lounge$48.00$41.00$36.00
Pool Lawn (Entertainment Area)$29.00$24.00$22.00

Our La Trobe Swim School programs are designed for both children and adults.

The lessons are delivered out of the 25 metre heated swimming pool at the Indoor Sports Centre at the Melbourne Campus.

For more information, visit our La Trobe Swim School page.

Book a lane

Please email us at sport@latrobe.edu.au to reserve a lane at our Indoor Sports Centre Pool. You can view the availability of our swimming pool lanes for your desired time via Sport Online.