Our research focusses on the prevention and management of Sports and Exercise-related injury, and on the development and evaluation of exercise and rehabilitation in health and disease. We conduct research under the specialisations of Sports Related Injuries and Exercise and Rehabilitation.

Sports Related Injuries

Participating in sport and physical activity is important to maintain health throughout the lifespan. However, sport and physical activity participation is often accompanied by injuries. Our research teams aim to reduce the sports-related injuries and/ or to improve the outcomes through optimal rehabilitation. The following researchers are conducting research in the following areas.

Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injury

Athletic Groin Pain

Foot and ankle injuries

Hamstring injury

Hip Joint pathology (including FAI, labral pathology, gluteus medius tendinopathy)

Patellofemoral pain and osteoarthritis


Exercise and Rehabilitation

Exercise is vital to health maintenance, and also forms a major component of rehabilitation programs. Our research teams cross many disciplines (including physiotherapy, podiatry and exercise science) and aim to understand the elements of exercise across the lifespan, and in health, injury and disease. We also explore the effects of exercise and other elements of rehabilitation (including footwear and foot orthoses). The following researchers are conducting research in the following areas.


Neurobiology of Exercises

Improving exercise adherence and outcomes

Foot wear and foot orthoses for musculoskeletal disorders

Total knee replacement

Special populations

Pelvic Floor

Shoulder Injury and Rehabilitation

Osteoarthritis (Foot, ankle, knee, potellofemoral)

Rehabilitation of nervous system following neuromuscular injury or disease

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