We offer a range of Shepparton Campus specific scholarships to support you during your study.

View a full list of scholarships and prizes available for students, on our Scholarships page.

Our community partners support our students and provide several scholarships, awards and prizes every year. Financial support given to students while they're studying can make a world of difference. We're proud that our community partners make these opportunities happen.

Our Shepparton prizes include:

  • Greater Shepparton City Council awards ($500) - Awarded to high achieving students in Business, Social Work, Early Childhood Education and Nursing
  • GV Health award ($500) - Awarded to a high achieving Nursing student
  • Plus 1 Group award ($500) - Awarded to a high achieving Accounting student
  • Regional Women in Leadership bursary ($1000) - Awarded to female students studying at the Shepparton campus displaying leadership qualities in the local community
  • Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand awards - Awarded to high achieving Accounting students
  • The Soroptimist International awards for Nursing and Education students ($1,000)

Whatever your situation, with a La Trobe scholarship behind you, you’ll be supported to achieve your best.

Indigenous Accommodation Scholarship

At La Trobe, we understand how important access to safe, secure and affordable housing is for our students.

That’s why we are offering Indigenous students a guaranteed place in our accommodation facilities across all of our campuses, as well as a scholarship that will cover any gap left after Rent Assistance – this means you’ll be able to live on campus at no financial cost to you.*

Find out more by visiting Indigenous Accommodation Scholarship.

Meet our students

Photo of Benichou Mbenguele Massika (Beni)

The Women in Leadership Bursary award means to me that being a part of La Trobe isn’t just about being recognised for academic results. You can develop leadership skills from all sorts of experiences, whatever your background is. Going to Uni is not just about getting your degree, making some friends and partying with friends. I have gained so much from being a Student Ambassador, Student Facilitator, and Bradford Program Mentor. These roles have transformed my view of Uni – it has been the best time of my life.

Benichou Mbenguele Massika (Beni)
Bachelor of Nursing,
Shepparton Campus
Photo of Sarah Singh

I was a bit shocked to hear that I got the scholarship – it’s still sinking in – it will be a great support to help get me through the course, and amazing to be acknowledged in this way. I am glad that I didn’t give up on my dream! Since 2013 I have been working at Shepparton Villages as a Personal Care Worker while completing my Diploma of Nursing at GOTAFE. My ultimate goal was to be a student at La Trobe, doing a Bachelor of Nursing. I deferred mid-way through my Diploma Nursing at GOTAFE - the nurses at work were really encouraging and helped me to overcome my doubts and get through my Diploma in Nursing. I want to see other Indigenous young people in my community, like my younger cousins, motivated to study and go for their goals, and maybe I can be an example for them - that has kept me going when I thought of giving up.