School of Education Statement of Strategic Intent

The School of Education’s Statement of Strategic Intent aligns with La Trobe University’s Strategic Plan 2020-2030.

It contextualises our part in achieving the University’s mission: To be known for making a positive difference in the lives of our students, partners and communities.

The School proudly acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of the lands where its campuses are located, recognises the ongoing connection to Country of local communities, and values the contributions Indigenous people make to its activities.

Transforming educational practice and how students learn through evidence-based teaching and research

The School of Education wants every learner to reach their full potential. We believe a quality education can improve individual lives and whole communities, both in Australia and around the world.

Our goal is to become a leader in teacher education and continuing professional development programs. Our distinctive and flexible course portfolio – with a focus on social responsibility – will meet the needs of future teachers, students, schools and communities.

Our evidence-based research will be reflected in our education courses, and Outdoor Education and Sustainability programs, to ensure our graduates have the skills they need to transform the sector and improve outcomes for all learners.

We will offer students outstanding Professional Experience placements, Work Based Learning and mobility opportunities to equip them with the knowledge and capabilities needed for long-term career success.

We will provide an engaging learning environment, founded on innovative mentoring and peer support initiatives, to inspire students to question their own ways of thinking and build new knowledge.

We will encourage our students and staff to engage locally, nationally and internationally.

We will become a sector leader in continuing professional development programs that give education professionals the tools to upskill, reskill, advance into leadership roles or pursue research.

In collaboration with our partners, we will champion evidence-based research in the learning sciences, impactful pedagogies, and social justice and diversity.

And, as a key government adviser, we will continue to advise on and drive education reform.

Our contribution will align with La Trobe’s research themes: Healthy people, families and communities and Social change and equity.

Strategic focus

Equity and access

We will offer a range of entry pathways into high-quality programs that qualify students for employment in a diverse range of education settings.


We will embody La Trobe’s cultural values – accountable, connected, innovative and caring – in the way we work with each other, our students and our communities.


We will build strong and lasting partnerships with our students, education sector partners and communities, locally, nationally and internationally.


We will produce graduates and conduct research to enhance the educational outcomes for individuals and communities.


We will build capability and continuous improvement in research and teaching to make us a pre-eminent School of Education, locally, nationally and internationally.

Strategic goals

The School of Education is comprised of a strong team of academic and professional staff who work together to support our core missions of teaching, research and partnership engagement.

We will continue to champion a workplace that is safe and inclusive, and supports the health and wellbeing of all our staff. The University’s cultural qualities underpin how we work together and how this work is seen by others.

We will promote equity, diversity and inclusion to make us an employer of choice for academic and professional staff. We will support strategies for the recruitment, retention and career development of Indigenous employees.

We will collaborate, share ideas, and drive innovations that further strengthen our work and impact. We will create a culture of shared practice that encourages best practice.

We will promote flexibility in working, while being accountable and effective. We will optimise productivity by ensuring our operations are consolidated, efficient and sustainable.

We will recognise and celebrate the achievements of our staff and students and foster collaborations to create a culture of excellence. We will enhance our engagement to give staff and students professional visibility and recognition within and external to the School.

We will promote state, national and global education outcomes by forging partnerships with students, colleagues and stakeholders and government to drive evidence-based approaches to professional practice.


We will know we have succeeded in our goal to develop a positive culture when we continue to improve the Employee Experience as measured by a La Trobe Employee Experience Survey.

The School of Education offers programs in Early Childhood, Primary and Secondary teacher education, and Outdoor and Sustainability Education. These programs graduate high-quality professionals who are classroom ready.

We will ensure that our graduates understand contemporary education practices and contexts, are excellent communicators and advocates, are digitally literate and culturally safe.

We will champion an outstanding education culture founded on teaching quality, innovation and evidence-based practice.

We will enable students to demonstrate their academic potential in a wide range of ways. Future students, from across Victoria and from diverse educational backgrounds, will enter our Education courses through multiple pathways.

We will become a leader in enhanced teacher preparation, supporting students to excel in serving diverse communities in Melbourne, regional and rural Victoria, nationally and internationally.

Our Outdoor Education and Sustainability programs will link experiential field work with climate change studies to encourage our graduates to embrace climate-resilient lives and careers.

We will offer the right mix of in-person and online learning to improve quality, flexibility and accessibility. We will work with our partners to expose students to real world experiences and evidence-based approaches to quality teaching.

We will adopt an innovative, digitally-focused and user-friendly approach to teaching that encourages students to use technology in their own learning, as a tool to foster learning in others, and to build relationships with peers, academics and education professionals.

We will continuously improve our professional experience model to offer students supportive, cohort-style placements, augmented by mentoring and peer support. Our model will encourage students and experienced teachers to build knowledge together, while also facilitating further collaboration with our partners.

We will provide students with opportunities to adopt a global focus on education through exchange and virtual programs. We will also embed research pathways into our courses and support students to explore graduate research options.

We will welcome international students into our courses and support them to contextualise their learning to their home country.

And, we will become a sector leader in professional development programs and postgraduate opportunities that transform how people learn and how learning is designed.


We will know we have succeeded in our goal to ensure quality of teaching when we achieve top 12 nationally in teaching in the Student Experience Survey for Teaching Quality and Overall Experience.

The School of Education’s outstanding researchers partner with industry, government and communities to build knowledge and develop practices to transform how people learn.

Our research portfolio will focus on three areas of strength: The scientific understanding of learning, which investigates how learning happens and uses this knowledge to enhance classroom teaching approaches; Impactful pedagogies, which examines and develops methods and practices of teaching; Social justice and diversity, which explores the role of education in addressing social advantage and disadvantage for learners from diverse populations.

We will be recognised for leading contemporary education debates, and for pushing the boundaries of what is possible, to create a more resilient, equitable and just society.

We will grow the capacity of our researchers, at all career stages, by fostering research collaborations that align with our areas of strength and expertise. Our impact will be measured through publications and research income.

We will deliver high-quality research training, skills development and research support to local education professionals, supervisors, students and external stakeholders.

We will work collaboratively with our partners to understand challenges, bring together the right capabilities, manage projects efficiently, act with integrity, and guide the translation of education research results into evidence-based practice.

We will also work with our partners to develop specialist postgraduate, professional development and higher degree opportunities for the profession. Our distinctive industry PhD program will deliver high impact research to schools and findings that will benefit the wider education sector.

In all our endeavours, we will work with Indigenous communities and organisations, and their knowledges, to enrich our research approaches and findings.

Our contribution aligns with La Trobe’s research themes including Healthy people, families and communities and Social change and equity.


We will know we have succeeded in our goals to contribute to new knowledge and create impact when our research drives positive change in educational systems and teaching practice across Australia and beyond.