Researcher intensives

La Trobe’s Researcher Intensives are tailored to the University’s Early Career Researcher (ECR) and Mid Career Researcher (MCR) cohorts.

The ECR and MCR intensives usually consist of full-day modules twice a year in June/July and November/December. For June 2020, the researcher intensives have an altered format to accommodate online-only engagement.

The intensives are ideal for those who are aiming for their next academic levels of research capacity and achievement.

Each set of intensives focus on a different aspect of researcher capacity-building, strategy, and leadership. The priority for the program is to provide education, development, and career-building opportunities that are sustainable, productive, and reflective of La Trobe University’s values. Gaining development in these areas will enable researchers to add significantly to the research culture of their surrounding institutional contexts.

The intensives are convened and managed by the RED team, and involve La Trobe’s senior research executive, specialist university units, invited guest speakers, and ECRs and MCRs themselves.

Through participating, La Trobe researchers will benefit from intellectual, professional, and applied outcomes that extend well beyond the program itself.

How do I participate?

The Researcher Intensives require registration, and numbers for the intensives are capped. We recommend you opt in to the ECR or MCR mailing list so you receive information about the intensives immediately.


  • The intensives are open to all La Trobe University academic staff.
  • For the purposes of this program, an Early Career Researcher is ideally a La Trobe University academic staff who has been awarded their doctorate within the last 5 years, but any academic staff member who feels they would benefit from the intensive is encouraged to apply.
  • For the purposes of this program, a Mid Career Researcher is ideally a member of La Trobe University academic staff who is 5-15 years after the award of their doctorate, but any academic staff member who feels they would benefit from the intensive is encouraged to apply.

Upcoming intensives

The next RED researcher intensive will address Early and Mid Career Researchers as a cohort (EMCR) and take place 23 - 25 June and 14 - 16 July. They are modified for online-only participation. The theme for this intensive is “Being a researcher now”.

The intensive recognises the profound impact COVID-19 has had – and will continue to have – on researchers, their everyday lives and future career plans. This event will focus on what it might mean to re-orient your research, how project funding may change, ways to navigate ROPE (research relative to opportunity) and more.

June EMCR intensives (23 - 25 June): Event ended.

July EMCR intensives (14 - 16 July): Event ended.

The July EMCR intensive is the same as the June intensive. The program is being offered again due to the extremely high demand. Those registered for the June sessions will not be accepted for July.