Practice-based research - Visual Arts

Visual Arts candidates undertake research projects such as works of art, design, photography, installation or architectural models resulting from creative investigations. The outcome of this work, together with an exegesis, constitutes the examinable material.

The exegesis

Your will employ a rigorous theoretical research methodology in your exegesis, which must clearly link to and support the studio creative work. It must document the studio process as well as the conceptual underpinning of the final exhibition. The exegesis is submitted six weeks prior to the final exhibition and provided to examiners before they assess the exhibition.

The artefact - exhibition

The artefact will consist of a coherent exhibition that has a demonstrated relationship with the exegesis. Some exhibitions will also require the inclusion of panels (didactic panels) providing background to the exhibition. The exhibition is considered a public event and as such you will have an opening and develop exhibition invitations. You will present your final exhibition in a gallery or other appropriate venue with the approval of the School and must outline the proposed arrangements an exhibition presentation plan three months in advance.