Practice-based research - Theatre and Drama

The critical research component

The critical research component in Theatre and Drama can include:

  • a definition or refinement of the research question/s while recognising that, in practice- based research, research questions often emerge or are clarified during the process of creating the artefact
  • a literature (and practice) review
  • reflection on and analysis of the artefact.

We encourage you to find a ‘complementary’ form of writing for the critical research component. This involves articulating an argument that has emerged from the practice and addresses the research question. The critical work should be considered as a further iteration of the artefact.

The artefact

You will need to document the work meticulously in the form of journals, photographs and video.

The performance of the theatre practice normally takes place before you submit the critical research component, which will be no later than six months after the performance.

Live theatre performances must be electronically recorded and uploaded to an appropriate platform for examiners to view according to instructions from the supervisor.