Practice-based research - Screen Arts

The two components in this discipline may be presented together as a whole or separately.

The critical research component, commonly referred to as the exegesis in this discipline, does not provide a direct commentary on the making of the artefact and the artefact does not simply illustrate the critical research component.

The artefact

The artefact can include any of the following forms:

  • Screenplay
  • Audio-visual production
  • Documentary
  • Web series
  • Film
  • Sound/audioscape
  • Media art

It is not always possible to present an artefact for examination in its final form. For example a screenplay is never really completed until filmed. If you submit a ‘draft’ artefact, you will need to contextualise the draft and include an explanation of how this work might be further developed or incorporated into a larger work.

Films should be prepared in an accessible digital format and uploaded to a suitable platform (usually Vimeo or You Tube) and made private by a password link. The URL of the video online is then made available to the examiners in the appendix of the thesis with the password for them to watch the film on line. Screenplays should be consolidated with the exegesis and any appendices.

The critical research component (exegesis)

You will need adhere to scholarly conventions and standards in the writing of the exegesis, but this does not exclude the possibility of adopting a ‘personal voice’ where appropriate.