As a graduate researcher you should be provided with:

  • the resources required to undertake your research including access to equipment, funding for materials, computers with standard software and applications relevant to your discipline
  • office work space, desk and chair (full-time candidates)
  • access to laboratory and other space required for conducting your research
  • access to photocopying facilities as determined by your School
  • access to library resources including funding support to cover costs of obtaining library materials not available in the University Library. Find out about the Library's postgraduate study areas
  • written information on the resources your School provides to postgraduate students and how to apply for, or obtain those resources
  • an undertaking from the School that it will endeavour to subsidise conference travel
  • information on counselling services, English language resources, computing and word processing skills courses and statistical advice (note that you may have to pay for some courses).

Get more details in the Support for Research Postgraduates Policy.

Tell us what you need

If you don't have the resources you need for your study (or if you are provided with resources you don't need e.g. an office when you prefer to work in the Library) talk to your supervisor about it or your department/program staff.