Acronyms explained

APA: Australian Postgraduate Award
APA(I): Australian Postgraduate Award (Industry)
AVCC: Australian Vice-Chancellors Committee (has now changed to Universities Australia)
Candidate: higher research degree student
Candidature: enrolment as a higher research degree student
DEEWR: Department of Education Employment and Workplace Relations
DIAC: Department of Immigration and Citizenship
EIPRS: Endeavour International Postgraduate Research Scheme
Extension: a period of enrolment beyond the normal time allowed
FHEC: Faculty Human Ethics Committee
HDC(R): Higher Degrees Committee (Research)
HDR: Higher Degrees by Research (PhD: Professional Doctorates - at least two thirds research - and masters by research)
HECS: Higher Education Contribution Scheme
HESC: College Human Ethics Committee  
HREC: Human Research Ethics Committee
HoS: Head of School
IP: intellectual property
LTI: La Trobe International
LTU: La Trobe University
LTUPRS: La Trobe University Postgraduate Research Scholarship
LUPA: La Trobe University Postgraduate Association
MA: Master of Arts
MSc: Master of Science
PhD: Doctor of Philosophy
Prof Doc: Professional Doctorate (e.g. Doctor of Counselling Psychology
RGSC: Research and Graduate Studies Committee
RPP: Research Progress Panel
Suspension: cease to be enrolled for a limited time
UHEC: University Human Ethics Committee
Variation: a change of an important aspect of enrolment
Withdraw: cease research and study and end enrolment