Acronyms explained

AB: Academic Board
BGR: Board of Graduate Research
Chair BGR: Chair of the Board of Graduate Research
DGR: A School’s Director of Graduate Research, sometimes also called SDGR
DVCRIE: Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research and Industry Engagement)
GRC: Graduate Research Coordinator
GRS: Graduate Research School
HDR: Higher Degrees by Research (PhD, Professional Doctorates and Masters by research)
HECS: Higher Education Contribution Scheme
HREC: Human Research Ethics Committee
HoS: Head of School
ISS: International Student Services
LTFFRS: La Trobe Full-Fee Research Scholarship
LTGRS: La Trobe Graduate Research Scholarship
LTI: La Trobe International
LTU: La Trobe University
PhD: Doctor of Philosophy
Prof Doc: Professional Doctorate
PVC(GGR): Pro-Vice Chancellor (Graduate & Global Research), is also the Chair BGR
RED: Research Education and Development
RGSC: Research and Graduate Studies Committee
RPP: Research Progress Panel (previous name for progress committees)
RTP: Research Training Program
SDGR: School Director of Graduate Research, sometimes also called a DGR
UHEC: University Human Ethics Committee